Dad given OK to Sue over Death

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  • Mystery

    Danny's thread has a better view of the article.

  • Scully


    Really? Are you sure? Bethelites go to LAW school? I didn't know any were that intelligent (no offense to anyone that may have been a Bethelite).

    Yes, it's true. I used to know one of the lawyers named in this lawsuit. He was in my congregation back in the late 80s. I don't know if he was sponsored to go to Law School by the WTS, but I do know for certain that he is most definitely a JW, and when I knew him he was an Elderâ„¢ too. And the other lawyer named in the suit, I have it on solid authority (from a former Bethelite who knew him there) that he used to make the most delicious baked goods before "changing his career path" and going to law school on the WTS's nickel.

  • Scully

    check this out, re Shane Brady:

    Two faced lying hypocrites

    OK, just as a footnote, the original link regarding the Young Lawyers Pro Bono Award ($1500) given to Mr. Brady is not a valid link anymore. Hopefully you can get the flavour of the thread without it.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    because of their own beliefs, they were not in a position to advise either in an objective, fully informed manner that would enable Bethany to make a free, informed decision on whether to choose to have blood transfusions

    Damn right

    I wonder if they'll simply lie use theocratical war strategy.

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