Does anyone have this WTS book

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  • Elsewhere

    There is a good chance I have it in PDF format at home... I'll check when I get home from work tonight.

  • M.J.

    I'd like to thank you Elsewhere for providing stuff in pdf. It's extremely helpful to have everything in that format. Great site, BTW.

  • nicolaou
  • Elsewhere

    Thank you nicolaou!

    I looked around and unfortunately I don't have that book scanned into PDF format.

    M.J.... thanks! Just trying to help out.

  • hijack

    quote (from BGF book) Jehovah’s witnesses were again free, boldly proclaiming God’s kingdom publicly! What had happened? It must have been that Babylon the Great had fallen! This, although she had not yet been destroyed. The Lamb of God on the heavenly Mount Zion had played his role as the Liberator greater than Cyrus but as foreshadowed by Cyrus. He had defeated Babylon the Great and had caused her fall and had liberated his faithful followers, the modern-day remnant of Christian witnesses of Jehovah. Just as after the fall of ancient Babylon and the release of Jehovah’s people it could be announced to Zion, "Thy God reigneth!" so the establishment of God’s heavenly kingdom at the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 portended that Babylon the Great was soon to fall. Condemned by her misconduct since the end of the Gentile Times in 1914, she stood condemned before the heavenly tribunal of Jehovah God. His judgment was rendered against her, and she fell in the spring of the year 1919.—Revelation 14:7, 8. end quote Charles taze russel sold his fathers 5 habberdashery shops in 1916 to start zions watchtower. Russel also predicted the world would end in 1918 but it did not. When it did not end, russel conluded that something invisible has happened. Something had ended in 1918 but it was hard to tell, as it was invisible. The same thing happens agian in 1963 in the "babylon the great had fallen" book. The WTS declares that babylon the great had fallen in 1919 but this "falling" is invisible. How convenient. Anytime your prediction does not turn out, just argue that it must be invisible!

  • peacebaby

    No, sweetie, you've got the dates all confused(I know - it is confusing!) - Russell predicted the end of this system would be finished in 1914("God's date, not our own"), with Christ already present in 1874, I believe it was... Russell died in 1916(?) still waiting for Armageddon, then Rutherford did some figurin' of his own to come up with 1914 as the beginning of Christ's invisible rule, the 1919 inspection and choosing of the FDS, the 1925 resurrection of the 'Ancient Worthies', and all his other miscalculated trumped-up 'troofs' trash.

    Numbers don't lie, but liars can fudge the numbers...

    Will somebody please provide 'hijack' with a link to the time-line on this stuff? I have no need, really, to keep it in the forefront of my mind... not like it comes up in everyday conversation - lol. Once I found out it was all garbage I tossed it aside and went on to new things... But it keeps coming up... lol.

    His Peace to all -


  • unclebruce

    As kids we loved the Babylon book ... it was considered 'deep' and us young kids loved "understanding" and explaining things the slower adulds couldn't get. It bent me for life though - I still have a soft spot for revelation (not to mention drunken beast riding harlots lol

    Wasn't it a ripoff off "The Two Babylons" by Hislop (appropriate name when you think about it).


    ps: copies sometimes appear in seconhand bookshops.

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