2005 CD ROM

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  • toreador
    Is anyone going to make it available for download like last year.

    it's available for download???

    link please!!!

    luv, jojo

    If you are extremely lucky you might be able to find someone who has that capability.


  • Poztate
    it's available for download???

    link please!!!

    luv, jojo

    The 2004 CD is available for download at www.reexamine.org on the download page.I am sure in a few weeks or so the 2005 will be up there also.

    Just another thought. If you have (for example) the 2005 CD you can upload it to a high speed data transfer service as an ISO www.yousendit.com and provide a private link to some of your friends to download and burn if they have a few computer skills.

  • 95stormfront

    The 2005 CD is up and avaliable as of today.

    "Life's Waters Free!!!!!!"

  • browe

    Can someone burmn me a copy of the CD. As I dont have any money to buy it. Email me at

    [email protected]

    If you can I will give you my address.


  • ithinkisee

    Found some interesting "changes" on the WT CD-ROM:




    How far back does the English 2005 CD-ROM goes.

    I have the Dutch version and it only contains Watchtowers, Awakes and books from 1970-2005 is that the same on the English version?

  • stillAwitness

    I think the english goes back to 1950 I believe but I may be wrong.

    The reexamine download has been acting funny for me and I know for Becka also. I ordered my copy at the lit counter I just haven't been to the meetings lately to get it


    I just downloaded the english version from reexamine and the WT volumes go back to 1950 on the dutch version it goes back to 1970, strange.

    I wonder in Bethel they must have all publications ever published in digital form or not? Will they ever bring out a DVD version of the WTLib with all books ever published by them? I guess not but it would be very interresting.

    I also noticed that on the CD the Aid book is missing because it supposed to be replaced by the Insight book.

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