Telepathy (thought transference) a natural process.

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  • DannyHaszard

    I am skeptic but i should be dead a hundred times over and i'm not,so i wonder about God?

    Quantum theory is compelling.

  • Sunnygal41

    I have in the past, yes. This morning, on my way to work, I had a compelling feeling that my boss would be in before I was and sure enough, her car was parked in the lot when I pulled in. She NEVER comes in before me. I was very excited that I turned out to be right, as I've been doing alot of work on my abilities lately and it was good to see the results. Terri

  • greendawn

    I think most ppl have experienced this telepathic process. Critics might say that what is described as telepathic reception is all down to illusions but it can't be that millions of ppl are so wrong and there is not a chance that these are coincidences. On the other hand an absract process like this is hard to study scientifically.

  • Ellie

    When I was really young, about 10, I was looking out of my bedroom window at a boy walking up my street, he had his back to me the whole time, then he just stopped, turned around and looked directly at my window, he must have sensed me watching, is this telepathy?

    Also, many times I have gone to pick up my phone without thinking, and just as I touch it someone phones, this has happened with various people and too many times to be a coincidence.

    Sometimes I'll be thinking about someone or something and my 3 year old daughter will then say their name or talk about the thing I'm thinking, this is with stuff that isn't obvious, its not like something around us has triggered us to think of someone.

  • Ellie

    Oh, another instance.

    A few years ago I met my current partner, I didn't know him very well, had only spoken to him a couple of times but he was a friend of my younger brother.

    I was at work one afternoon when I suddenly and for no reason decided to walk out and go home early, I should've been there till 10pm.

    So I was sitting at home with my JW mum watching TV and someone knocked on the door, straight away I knew it was my brother and he had Gaz (my partner) with him.

    I had no reason to know this, my brother rarely visited in the evening and Gaz had never visited before, but I knew it was them.

  • Terry

    Oh dear. Is it really worth the wrath?

    Shall I post? Or, not?

    Should I mention James Randi's offer and all the failed tests?

    Nah, they don't want to hear it.

    Should I tell these people that what they are describing as a telepathic phenomenon is just personally interpreting ordinary events IN TERMS OF false definitions?

    No, I won't get involved. They want to believe in something no matter how unsupported it is by actual fact, data and controlled experiment.

    Consider this a Non-Post.

  • greendawn

    Those are examples of thought transference, the human mind is not a closed isolated system but it is open to mysterious energies and their effects that can alter its thoughts, feelings and moods, can alter its awareness.

  • Andy C
    Andy C
    Those are examples of thought transference, the human mind is not a closed isolated system but it is open to mysterious energies and their effects that can alter its thoughts, feelings and moods, can alter its awareness.

    Your drug of choice will do that! Without that jump start the mind remains contained within itself.

  • LittleToe
  • metatron

    Keep in mind that a number of well respected scientists have pointed out that the paradoxes of quantum physics can be

    explained if there is only one ultimate Mind or Consciousness. We, therefore, would only be 'sharing' a single universal Mind.

    Think of it a different way: what is reality composed of? what is real? The dominant answer is atoms and the particles that make them

    up - but suppose we considered consciousness as the fundamental reality? Everything would be part of a unified whole and things like

    creation/intelligent design/evolution would simply fall into place, as part of a conscious universe. Telepathy is just a small side effect.

    As to the powers of the mind, I can tell you personally about Remote Viewing training. I personally met Russell Targ ( who founded the

    program that psychically spied on the Soviets). Based on that research, a group made over $100, 000 by psychically forecasting

    silver futures over a few months, during the '80's. This incident was documented on a BBC program and later reported on the

    PBS show "Nova". Suspiciously, you can't get a copy of this program because all of the tapes have 'disappeared'.

    I witnessed the show from a private copy owned by a remote viewer.

    The whole remote viewing program is not a myth - and really existed and really got amazing results! It is a testament

    to the sheer power of disbelief that it isn't recognized today.


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