Does your cat "talk" like this?

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  • JH
  • diamondblue1974

    Possibly but not the extent that those did.

    Our cat however has more non verbal ways to tell you that she is severely p**sed off; one of them is to completely obliterate her cat nip toys and leave bits of the same toys in convenient places round the house; you will searching for hours trying to tidy up after her.

    She also liked to bring in sparrows, but has now graduated into bringing bigger birds as presents (or expressions of displeasure); the problem is she tends to do this when we are out and we come back to a house looking similar to a bloodbath.

    As much as I like the cat...shes a vicious little bugger.

  • Robdar

    Too cute!

    Many years ago I had a cat that called me "momma" but he didn't talk as much as some of the cats on the video.

  • Legolas

    That was so cute!

    There was a video on the MSN page the other day of a barking cat!

  • greendawn

    If that's for real and not some kind of trickery then it's amazing I knew that parrots can talk but not cats or any other animal.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    That was amazing! Definitely must be for real - I never saw my two cats so completely glued to my computer screen. It was worth watching just to see their reaction!

    (The more territorial one of mine is now sat scowling at my computer still waiting for the cats to reappear!)

  • aquagirl

    oh my gawd,so funny...hey,maybe the cats are demonized!!!!!!!

  • Dimples

    Awww....loved it.


  • Nina

    We had an Alaskan Malamute who talked. One weekend we boarded him at a kennel and when we came back to pick him up he clearly said "I love you". The kennel guy almost went into shock! He said that he had heard other animals try to talk but this was unmistakable.


  • FreedomFrog

    Wow, that was so cute. I've heard other animals "talk" and I shouldn't be amazed...but it still amazes me.

    Thanks for sharing that.


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