Ever had to go to hospital?

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  • MsMcDucket

    Why'd you have to ask? I been sickly type all my life.

    - Got my armed burned by hot rice when I was about 5 years old. (I was sitting on the kitchen floor...)

    -Would have fevers and bellyaches that would cause the doctors to hospitalize me. (Never did find out what was wrong.)

    -Swallowed a jack when I was about 9 years old. (My sister was beating me at playing the game). I thought I'd be funny and throw all the jacks into my mouth. Well, one went down and got stuck in my throat. Oops! You should of seen the x-ray!)

    -Two pregnancy were c-sections. (The twins were considered high-risk, so I had to go to the doctor A LOT.)

    -Gallbladder removal.

    -Kidney stone removal with stent placement. (That stent resembles a long clothes hanger wire!)

    -Thyroidectomy, developed a serotoma/hematoma that was crushing my windpipe. The surgeon came to the bedside, ripped out the stitches, and rushed me back to surgery. He managed to intubate my mainstem bronchus, causing a pneumothorax. He didn't figure that out. Well, in recovery I was going down the tubes. I was rushed to MICU. They were bagging me (My poor children saw them bring me out!) Put me on the vent, called in a pulmonologist, who told them to pull the tube back. I stayed on the vent for about 2 days. After that, my vocal cords were paralyzed in the closed position, so I had to have a tracheostomy for about 6 months.

    -Diabetes (in an out for that)

    -Pneumonia (They thought, I don't know what it was.)

    Not to mention that I have horrible allergies. I, probably, missed something, but that the gist of it.

  • Virgochik

    You hang in there, MsMcDucket! You're too sweet to have all these problems!

  • MsMcDucket

    Hi Virgochik, I'm sure that you'll have a safe surgery, and I hope that my story didn't scare you! Thanks, for the compliment!

  • evita

    Tonsils out at 11 - very painful. Could not eat ice cream as promised.
    First pregnancy - C-section due to big ol' boy who wouldn't come out after 5 hours of pushing.
    Gallbladder removal - had my first attack when son was 3 days old but waited till he was a year to have op.
    Second pregnancy - Twins, C-section because baby A was head down but baby B was transverse breech. Also was hospitalized many times due to
    premature labor at 29 weeks. Made it to 36 weeks before water broke.

    Hopefully that's it. I don't understand those who voluntarily undergo surgery for cosmetic reasons. Surgery takes a toll on your body.

  • oldflame

    Lets see 2 knee surgeries in 1983, I had 10 sheets of 1 inch plywood fall and hit me in the legs. Appendix surgery in 79' in the army. Had a lymph node removed in 84' from a bee sting, and in 97' my latest surgery damn near killed me was an aneurysm in my brain. Is that enough ?

  • greendawn

    I see some of you have been through quite a lot, my only stay at a hospital was to have my tonsils removed when I was a little child, I would not remember it had my parents not told me about it.

  • greendawn

    We can see why the promises of the dubs are so seductive they tell ppl that such hospital experiences will be ancient history once a supposed paradise soon arrives on earth. That's the bait because the WTS is not fit to put anyone into a new world should such a thing arrive on this earth.

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