What was the nastiest house you got invited into?

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  • IP_SEC

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  • tassie

    as usual, you guys are prompting memories of long ago stuff, and i gotta tell you the nastiest ppl i rememnber were in out own congregation. we had a family that came from up north that lived in this ramshackeled house/camptrailer/put/together thing that passed for a house and they had 4 kids and 2 of the 4 were complete 500+ lbs gluttons such that they could not get through the THURS NITE MEETING W/O BRINGING TWO SANDWICHES TO TIDE THEM OVER I KID YOU NOT. IN THEIR SUIT JACKETS.I THOUGHT I CUT OFF sorry about the caps but this is true i witnessed it. do you know how funny tht was? how come gluttony isn't punishable? but , sadly they are both dead now, at an early age. don't even ask me about their house.

  • MerryMagdalene

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  • delilah

    My mom's sister has the nastiest house I've ever seen. There were dirty dished from a month past all over, dog crap in the kitchen, old food lying around with flies everywhere, it was disgusting. The entire house was this way, and my mom forbid us to go anywhere near the bathroom. I only remember going over twice, the first time, we went and helped clean up, the second time, we weren't allowed out of the car. GROSS.....and she was threatened with Dfing if she didn't "clean up " her house.....her kids never lifted a finger to help clean up either.

  • tassie

    sorry to hog stuff but i had to share this little memory... well i was the PERFECT child so when we were in field service i did EVERYTHING right until this one time, i was 4 i think, i HAD to pee but my mom said NEVER interrupt during a sermon so i just could not hold it anymore so i slowly and deliberarely peed on this woman's couch cause i figured if i did it slow no one would know about it. WRONG i got sent to the car and folks wanted to know why the front of my dress was wet needless to0 say we didn't convert that woman tassie this is true i swear

  • nsrn

    I can remember going with my dad to a study out in the country--kind of hillbilly folks with no screens, lots of kids and coon dogs, and part of a car engine torn apart on the worn out linoleum floor of the living room. The wife there was a heavyset lady with an apron on all the time. She made the best homemade biscuits with apple butter! Everyone there had about a 600 decibel conversation volume. That combined with the coon dogs made the place seem like a 3 ring circus. It was my favorite study--except for the old alcoholic that was either drunk or in full-fledged dt's every visit. My dad sure could pick em!

  • RichieRich

    Mom used to have a study with a complete white trash family. 6 kids + mom and dad in a 400 sq. ft. single wide trailer. All with buck teeth and mullets. The kids used to take toy cars and drive them all over my mom while she talked. One time we were there and the oldest son (8) went to make ovaltine for the rest of the kids. He snuck a bite of the powder, which caused him to sneeze. And when he sneezed, that damn powder went all over the place. I've never tried so hard to stifle my laughter...

  • Virgochik

    There was a family who came into the troof, so did the wife's sister and her husband. The third sister, her husband and their kids lived in a tiny bungalow on the seedy side of town, by the prison. The husband was a nice enough man, but was a heroin addict. When we brought Sister K. home after service, we had to tippy toe in because Mr. K. was in a stupor in the back bedroom, The house was run down and always so messy. We never knew if he'd be up, or sleeping, or how nasty the house would be.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Tassie, funny! I have a pee story too, but it was the householder that peed.

    This very poor old woman who actually had a pump in front yard to pump water (no running water, so you can imagine how she smelled), mom studied with her for years. One sunday, we drove her to her first meeting. The stench was gagging, all the way to the meeting, about 20 minute ride. We had an old Chevrolet hatchback, so the back seat windows only rolled down halfway. So me and my two sisters strained to the windows, hanging our noses out. Householder was sitting in front seat.

    On the way home from the meeting, householder said she needed to stop at convenience store. When householder was standing at counter to pay, she peed on the floor right there. My mom, being the saint that she is, of course reported it to the clerk after the householder walked out of store. "I think you have a little mess to clean up here..." mom says.

    So then the lady gets back into our car and sits down in the front seat of our car, pee running down her stockings and all.

    No one would sit in the front seat for months after that. (And of course mom was real disappointed because the lady had said she had stopped smoking, but she actually bought only cigarettes at the store.)

  • daniel-p

    ^^^ HOLY ****!!!!!

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