Witness and Food Stamp Scam

by MissBehave 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Highlander

    My sister, her husband and their four kids receive government assistance each year regarding health insurance and sometimes food as well. My brother in law is

    self employed and therefore they are able to write off most of their income, even though they are grossing close to 100,000 per year. My dad(inactive witness) thought it

    was wrong that they never paid taxes to the state yet received a tax refund from the state each year. My mom(active witness) defended the position of my sister and

    brother in law. In truth, my sister isn't doing anything illegal,, but my dad does have a point. He simply feels you should pay ceasar's things back to ceasar. It's so funny

    how my mom the supposed faithful one(active witness) disagreed with my dad.

  • oldflame

    Yep, my JW folks do this. My mother collects SSI, they adopted my nephew who is now in his 20's who is on SSI which my mother controls his money and all goes into her pocket and my step dad collects food stamps while working under the table. It makes me sick, my folks have lived off the government for as long as I can remember. I think a lot of JW's do this. It allows them to do service work which I am sure they lie often about their time in field service. I figure someday it will all catch up to them, it usually does....

  • whyizit

    Okay, let me get this straight........: Smurfs are demonized, wind chimes are beckoning demons to come to your door, Flags are evil, voting is evil, joining the military is terrible, don't have any part of the goverments of the world, because Jehovah will have a tizzy fit and annihilate you, BUT.....go ahead and get food stamps, disability, social security, etc......

    So, accepting money from Satan is okay, right?!!!

  • oldflame

    Yeah and they don't celebrate holidays because they are pagan and pagan is evil too. BUT they use the calendar (pagan) they wear a wedding ring (pagan) celebrate anniversaries (pagan) and on and on and on. Their crap just doesn't stack very well does it ?

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