"Neutrality" is Nonsense

by metatron 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • garybuss

    Neutral means indifferent. Neutral doesn't mean opposed or critical.

    The Witnesses hold the record for political activity of a religious group at the level of the United States Supreme Court. How's holding a political activity record being indifferent?

  • bonnzo

    thanx for this post. ive always admired witnesses for their stand regarding warfare, which, for the record i'm against, but you made some valid points. i'll have to reevaluate my stance. that's what this forum is good for. whether you are a dub(which i currently am) or not, having a closed mind is a waste of a mind.

  • Tigerman

    When I was a younger man I may have become a conscientious objector, but I did not, and I stand proud today because I didn't. Today, the world is faced with an enormous sense of change which is coming from a facist religious front seemingly destined to spread their ideology across the globe no matter the cost.

    I'll stand and fight against that tyranny, just like my forefathers did, in order to protect me and my family.

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