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  • lola28

    My head is killing me and I'm at work till seven, who else is here today thats willing to talk to me so I can make it through the day and not fall asleep? I have a ton of work to do but this head ache is slowing me down.


    " I once saw a llama grazing through a field, and it made me sad"

  • serendipity


    Have you had your afternoon caffeine? Can you take some aspirin or advil?

  • lola28

    I already have take asprin the whole left side of my head and face hurts, like a mofo, it hurts to even keep my eyes open.


  • Super_Becka

    Hey lola, have a Pepsi, it'll make you feel better. *slide ice-cold Pepsi over to lola* Can I get you an Advil or three to go with that??

    Too bad you're not here in Newfoundland, it's nearly 7pm here right now.

    -Becka :)

  • jojochan


    If I could I would ease your pain with the warm soothing touch of my rough hands...

    Or do a ritual dance from the clinic floor to ease your pain. Sorry sweete, I wish I could do more.


  • lola28

    Becka I already had a coke and that did not help,

    Or do a ritual dance from the clinic floor to ease your pain.

    Jojo I'm picturing you doing that and it is funny, what can I say I have an overactive imagination, thank you guys you are the best.


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Lola, have you had these type headaches before? Or is this one new and almost unbearable?

  • lola28

    Enigma I have had them before the last one I had that was this bad was when I was 16, it was so bad I was in bed for three days.


  • Brigid

    First get at least an 8 oz glass of water (preferrably filtered or bottled). Take one Naprosin and one Tylenol. Be sure to drink the whole glass of water.

    This should help in short order. I would advise finding a quiet place and laying down but that does not seem to be an option for you right now.


  • greendawn

    Hi Lola, again you have a difficult time at work. Are they watching your internet activities? If not there are on line games to keep you busy or you can watch a DVD.

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