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  • bule

    hey matt where were those caves located? exactly it kinda sounds like an excursion me and pippit had a few weeks back well before monsoon season. theres some caves in this area that were used by ancient javanese didnt find anything other than lotsa of animal bones that probably werent more than few years old but it was cool real limestone cave "gula" there called here if i remember right. Anyways yall come visit me after the rainy season and ill take yall up there too much water in the caves this time of year anyways im gonna go eat me some sate padang so ill talk at yall later see u round septemberish novemberish

    guru ingriss

  • IP_SEC

    Hey woo,

    They are just upstream from 19 mile crossing about 2 miles or so. Before the swinging tree.

  • bule

    Ohhh I see ok ok and i meant "gua" not "gula" gula is sugar whereas gila is crazy but gua is cave. Hey check it out I went with some of my corrupt Indonesian cop friends to a Karaoke establishment on friday night. If youve never been to an Asian Karaoke then everyone must go once!!!!! Well only if your single anyways. Quite an experience I did sing as well ummmm Unforgiven and um bad bad leroy brown and time in a bottle anyways it was crazy Im really enjoying Indo I wanna come back to see yall guys but i feel i will return here after doing that for a few months. anyways drop me a line when u got a chance you too rado5591

  • bule

    ummm bottle of Jack and or a flask with said beverage contained there-in for aniseptic purposes as well as if any injuries occur and pain-killer is needed

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