My American Idol Man Obsession

by Jez 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Spectre

    I must go home now so I can see who gets the boot.

  • Beachbender

    I`m quite enjoying the rocker guys, Chris who sang a Bon Jovi, and Ace (cutie!) who sang a George Michael, Elliot`s not bad vocal wise we`ll see how he does the next few weeks. I hope a guy wins this year, it`s time.

  • pratt1

    Taylor is a bad imitation of Ray Charles.

  • Jez

    YIPPEE to the American ppl for getting it right last night. WHY the hell did the judges let that stupid good looking girl on there when she could not sing at all? Kudos to the American ppl for booting her off.

    Pratt, they could ALL be compared to someone and they could ALL be called an imitation of someone.

    I hooted and hollered when he did NOT get kicked off. He is fun to have on there.


    Oh yah, and how stoned or medicated has Paula Abdul been lately??????

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