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  • corproal

    Hey Beachbugg,

    I am replying on my fiancees login and am also an ex JW, I would like to talk to u online, so I am sending my yahoo messenger id: myperogotive

    or my email, which is [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon, I feel we have a lot in common and it would he healing to talk...

    [email protected]



  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    ((((Beachbugg)))))) There is healing here. Welcome to JWD forum and I hope you share this site with your hubby! It will help him to understand what's going on with you.

    Here's a link to another post that'll shed some light on the subject of what you've been going through:

    Also, drop down the window in the "Jump to:" area at the top of the page and click on "Best of....." for Lady Lee's recovery threads. She's got the best info.

    We're here to help if we can and just to provide a listening ear and moral support when you need it. I'm so sorry about your sister. I hope that she can be "found" and helped.


  • unclebruce

    Welcome beachbug,

    Thanks for your story. You'll find a lot of understanding here. Mind control is very powerful stuff, runs deep and is very hard to clear.

    It can lay dormant too.. lurking in the back of your head like some evil computer virus waiting to strike!

    I'm glad you found an outlet, just comming here should help a lot. happy posting , ub.

  • Ticker

    Hello Beachbug welcome to the forum. A great place to post whats on your mind or to seek healing and answers.

    Nice to hear your story, I always enjoy personal accounts.


  • Beachbender

    "Welcome aboard beachbugg"! this is the place to be! Enjoy, and don`t be afraid to ask questions.

  • diamondblue1974

    Welcome to the board....your experiences without downplaying them aren't unique apart from the surrounding circumstances but your in good company and we are all ears/eyes; I know being here for me helped a great deal!

    It was interesting reading your story. Keep posting.


  • beachbugg

    Out of curiousity...what religion have you found if any?

    I ask because I was so scared of stepping foot into another church for soooo long. When lightning didn't strike me down the first time I did..then I was worried of getting sucked back into something that was going to control my life again.

    I found my own personal home in a first united methodist church because they encourage you to learn and experience other religions. They don't tell anyone what to believe...just simply provide a place to worship.

    Nobody will ever be able to convince me of one "right way to worship", I believe there is only what is right for YOU.

  • primitivegenius

    first off..... welcome to jwd. secondly many here can relate to your story, seems it keeps happening over and over to those of us in one fashion or another. good thing about it is were all out of that disgusting org, even tho the after shocks still affect us for years and years.

    as for the religion question, i now go to a non denominational church and love it completely. i always hated going to meetings, and fieldservice. felt i was pushing something that no one else wanted and otherwise ruining their weekends. i went to the meetings to see my friends and because they would be up my ass if i didnt.

    now on the other hand i absolutely love my church and wouldnt miss a service unless i truely had to. but the first time i walked in those doors.... OMG and the fact that it was soooo huge. my wife told me how wonderful this church was so i agreed to attend at least once. of course i was scared to death to even walk inside the doors, and the first service was ending so literally thousands of people were walking out of the sanctuary doors.

    right then and there i wanted to haul ass back to the car and get the hell outta there, but i had promised i would go ONCE then never again as i could claim i tried it.

    THEY SING CHRISTIAN SONGS OF WORSHIP THERE....... i was soooooooo freaked out, but then the pastor started preaching and my world changed.

    he wasnt the charismatic, money hungry, oral roberts wannabe that as witlessness i was taught he would be. instead he was a former drug addict, strip club operator, music exec who found jesus and literally turned his life around. his message was right for me and through that church i was able to move on and learn more about what the bible actually says.

    still took alot of time, and one day walking out to the car we saw a display in the hallway manned by one single brother for GASP.......... a JW outreach.

    grabbed my wifes arm and kept her a marching right out the door. next week tho after much thought we stopped to talk to him and signed up. helped alot of christians to know what to say to witnesses. we have unfortunately moved away from the church but are going to a branch of it here in ATL and planning on starting up the same minestry here.

    yes there is life after the org and its damned fine if i do say so myself

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