Death at Armageddon

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  • crazyblondeb

    I say that they can tell the difference cause most of us will be at a gigantic keg party or the local bar--celebrating!! My JW mom (that I'm temporarilty staying with) keeps remarking about "all the signs now showing", and brings "what is going on in the middle east" into the one-sided conversation. I remind her these events have gone an for centuries, but only now do we have the technology to see these things on the tv/radio. And she goes on and on and on and on.....................................................................


  • slugga
    jehovah will look at the history of those posters on jwd... he will destroy one and all that posted here!!!

    Thats ok then, cos i have a bucket on my head, he wont recognise me


    Seriously though, if you have to watch your entire family get they skulls cracked open by falling rocks or get swallowed in the ground you're gonna be pretty pissed off with God afterwards... and if you're not then you're pretty sick.

  • kid-A

    The WTBS will be distributing "awake" brand lead underwear in order to protect the dubs from jehoobies wrath on that great day.

  • lilybird

    That is what we were taught to believe in our congregation- that God would give the GB some special instructions and all faithful DUBS would be led to a safe place to live thru Armaggedon, and then they would come out into a cleansed earth . The part that was so cold and heartless is that DUBS would have to clean up all the dead bodies lying around.,,, after the birds picked their bones clean of course.. How can normal thinking people actually believe that?? I always thought it sounded very wrong even when I still a believing DUB.

  • Mastodon

    Didn't Bruce Willis die in that movie? Ben Affleck should have died instead.

  • cyd0099

    Isnt that a little too tight and form fitting for the modesty-minded Sister™?

  • daystar

    I was told that it would be likely that even some JWs who would have passed the inspection might still die at Armageddon. If that happened, they would just be resurrected almost immediately afterward.

    Gee, so no matter how good a JW I am, I still might get hit by Michael-directed balls of liquid hot magma! That rather sounds like a bum deal!

  • blondie

    JWs point to:

    The 185,000 killed by the angel without a mark and no harm to the Israelites nearby

    Or in the NT, the deaths of Anaias and Sapphira, although the other Christians were not harmed

    (Psalm 91:7-11) 7

    A thousand will fall at your very side And ten thousand at your right hand; To you it will not come near. 8 Only with your eyes will you look on And see the retribution itself of the wicked ones. 9 Because you [said]: "Jehovah is my refuge," You have made the Most High himself your dwelling; 10 No calamity will befall you, And not even a plague will draw near to your tent. 11 For he will give his own angels a command concerning you, To guard you in all your ways.

    Of course, I don't believe that there will be an Armageddon as the WTS describes where over 6 billion men, women and little babies will die forever because they don't believe as the JWs do.


  • FairMind

    20 days prior to Armageddon all JWs will be instructed to leave their jobs, homes, etc. and report to Patterson, NY. There will be no hint that Armageddon is imminent so complying with the FDS’ instructions will be a great test of faith.

    After Armageddon the Christians who put faith in God and not the self-professed FDS will be very happy as they will be the only ones alive on the whole planet.

  • M.J.

    They'll all board space shuttles and wait in a space station for the genocide to pass. Oh wait, that was a James Bond movie.

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