A Special Tribute To Someone In My Life....Part 1

by SWALKER 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • bonnzo


    sorry for your loss. as a proud daddy to three dogs that i love, and having to put to sleep my first dog a few years ago, i know how close we get to those lovable furry creatures.

    marley and me is a grat book. i couldnt help but notice a comparison to the book and heving a dog. the book was 15 or so chapters that make you laugh 'til you cry; the last chapter you cry due to sadness. with a dog, you get 15 or so years of bliss, and then with the last chapter of their life, sadness. sadness, along with great memories. i think its a good trade off, dont you?


  • misspeaches


    I can empathise so well with you on this matter. It sounds like your baby was really loved and quite obviously a member of the family.

    I’m so sorry that you’ve gone through this loss. Try to stay strong. Luv Miss Peaches

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