Just got visited by Bethelites

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  • moshe

    I almost went to Bethel in the middle 70's when they put out a call for construction workers. My wife and I filled out the papers and got the signatures of some Elders. I chickened out at the last minute- something just didn't feel right about that gig. I could have spent 30 years there and now be looking at the street- no pension, no home ,no nuthin'.

    I just realized that the poor sap who did go through with his application and took my place is now the loser ouch!



  • ocsrf
    I am assuming only the special pioneers right? This sounds odd. What about the ones that are already serving in that capacity? Damm! I should have stayed longer to receive these benefits!!!

    Correct - special pioneers or 120 hours per month.

    This information is from the grape vine...take it for what it is worth.


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