A thugs life..LOL

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  • DigitalFokus

    Ok, so I have to share this story about the STUPIDEST arrest EVER. (in my book, cause it happened to me)

    I have been in the clink before (just county) for stupid teenage shinanagins. But this one my friends takes the cakes. This is a no BS story.

    About 4 years ago I was driving with my girlfriend to look at townhomes, we wanted to get out of our little apt, and was just minding our own buisness when the cherries start flashin behind us. Great, what do I have a taillight out? I am sure I stoped at that sign, Was i speeding? All these thougts running through my head. The officer walks up to my window and asks for the usual info, I give it to him and ask what he pulled me over for. He doesn't answer and asks me to get out of the vehicle, then proceeds to throw the lovely braclets on me and puts me in the back of the squad car.

    I am thinking, WTF? He then tells my girlfriend to stay in the car and hops into the squad car and informs me I am being arrest on a warrent for Theft. I am dumbfounded. Theft, I have't stolen anything since I was like 10 and walked out of a store with a yo yo. I told him there must be some kind of a mistake and what was i supposed to have stolen? He said he didn't know and that he was taking me to jail. Ok, so here I sit, all 6'2" 230lbs, crammed into this mailbox size backseat heading to jail. Oh yeah, they also treated my girlfriend like a criminal and searched our car then let her go.

    So, now I am sitting in the holding cell still completely aww struck by what has just happned, waiting for them to come tell me that it was a big mistake. btw, they had taken everything from me to and did a complete search of my person, thank god they stayed away from my cornhole. blah blah blah.

    I am finally bailed out and have my court date set, still at this point I have no idea what i am being charged with besides theft. I show up to court and guess what I was arrested and held for.

    A vhs tape of Braveheart I had rented 2 years before and Seriously forgot to return. I was moving and needed a break from packing so my brother and I rented a movie and it got thrown in a box when we were done, and accidentaly packed away never to be seen again. But the store reported it stolen.

    You should have seen how pissed the judge was when he read why I was standing in front of him. He was very nice and helped me fix everything and I had to pay 120 bucks to the video store for a 15 dollar VHS tape from 2 years ago and hd to listen to the city attorney bitch me out for about an hour on how stealing was wrong. They were tossing out the charges so i kept my mouth shut but i really wanted to say "go F yourself, it was a TAPE and not even kept on purpose"

    anyway. how dumb.

    jailed for a movie. I don't rent movies anymore..haha


  • kittyeatzjdubs

    dude...that's hardcore!

    mad props to ya bro!!!

    luv, jojo

  • DigitalFokus

    haha, yep, i am hardcore..

  • misspeaches

    What a fabulous justice system.

    Its hard core criminals like your self that need to be reformed. Shame on you for your heinous crime.

    Just be careful young man. The next time you might end up in prison… Shame shame shame… P.S. This was written all in jest…

  • Elsewhere

    What a waste of valuable public resources... over a damn video tape.

  • misanthropic

    :: so here I sit, all 6'2" 230lbs

    What was the story about again?

    Just kiddin. Yeah that is crazy, but it is criminal of them to arrest you for that. I would be really peeved at the video store! What a bunch of jerks...

  • DigitalFokus

    damn that video store, I hope the manager who reported it becomes a dub

  • luna2

    Oh fer Christ's sake! That's nuts. I have had friends with deadbeat ex-husbands who refuse to pay court ordered child support or even provide health insurance for their own kids, have arrest warrants issued on them, and the police can never seem to find them...but a guy forgets to take back a stinking $15 tape of a movie, and they're all over it. Excellent! Good to know our tax $$ aren't being spent foolishly.

    What a terrible criminal you are, Digital!

  • upside/down

    Did you confess it to the elders?

    I smell a JC comin on...


  • DigitalFokus

    bring the JC on..

    oh and yeah, all the dead beat dads out there don't get messed with in the least bit, but the guys who actually try get screw. and thats a fact.

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