Moms' Genetics Might Help Produce Gay Sons

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  • truthseeker

    The holy spirit will not change anyone's physical make-up, only give you the strength to resist temptation.

  • Abaddon


    I can only speak for men, but I think;

    gay lifestyle means you dance well, dress fashionably, can cook and not kill your dinner guests know the names of at least five living authors, and have a nicely decorated home.

    straight lifestyle means you can't dance, can't cook, can name the presenters of five sports programs, and have no taste in clothing or interior design.

    I love stereotypes, they're crunchy...

  • jstalin
    i have talked with 1000's of gay men...

    Lol joel - just "talked"?

    Anyways, I think that perhaps the article's conclusion is one part of the puzzle, but my dad's side of the family has 3 or 4 homosexuals, that I know of, and both my sister and I are gay. Because of that, I'm pretty sure that it is genetic, but not necessarily passed only through men or women. The X chromosome issue the article talks about could be one genetic trigger which combines with others.

  • Gretchen956

    In my family it seems to run on my dad's side too for some reason. Myself and my brother are gay (out of 7 children), one of my dad's brothers is gay, another of his brothers had a gay son (no longer living now). My dad's uncle was also gay. My sister had one of her son's commit suicide that I believe was gay (he hadn't actually told anyone he was).

    So, how does my mom and her family fit into that, and like someone else said earlier, how do I fit in as a lesbian?

    And to whomever said "blame it on the mom," who says having gay children is a bad thing? If I'm a gay male, a doctor, I save many lives, I'm a philantropist, I've been with my partner 27 years, how is my mom to "blame" for that?

    Not trying to be argumentative, but just think about it!


  • littlerockguy


    "seeming to be more feminine" is different from homosexuality.

    Homosexually is someone who is sexually attracted to someone else (which is something that takes place psychologically). It sounds like you are defining homosexuality as someone merely displaying feminine qualities. Straight men can do that but that wouldn't make them necessarily homosexual.

    And so you consider sexual attraction merely a "temptation" and holy spirit can eliminate sexual urges that hormone and chemicals in the body can set off?

    And you I didn't see where you answered my question concerning hermaphrodites? Where do they fit in your slot of logic and reason?

  • metatron

    old joke:

    "My mom made me a homosexual"

    "if I give her the wool, can she make me one, too?"


  • greendawn

    I always strongly suspected that there is a strong genetic element in homosexuality apart from possible environmental ones.

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