Love of the greater number

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  • Virgochik

    I'd say they're taking the beard as a sign that you are rebellious and bad association. If they're busy with the Brat Pack, you might not be a priority right now.

    Welcome to the board!

  • Brigid


    Well, as I postulated in my topic about being a popular witness, I truly believe there are those of us who were never meant to be witnesses. This is not mine alone. This was presented from the platform by a CO when I was 11.

    I wouldn't sweat it. I was personally very happy that they never bothered me.

    Everyone has a home and a spiritual family. Very seldom are we born in them.

    Good luck on your journies.


  • daystar


    Yeah, sucks that people are born lost in the wilderness and have to find, sometimes fighting tooth and claw, their home again.

    But I suppose the journey itself ends up being the destination, no?

  • IMustBreakAway

    Hmm.. That sort of makes me worried about the people that are "meant" to be wittnesses. j/k But i know what you're talking about eventually water finds it's own level. Eventually i'll find mine, hopefully i don't die first..

  • Brigid

    <,But I suppose the journey itself ends up being the destination, no?>>

    So true, Daystar. I almost dread the day I find my "home" because then what? I used to ache for my twin flame, called out to him from my soul, wrote him prose and poetry in my journal from the time I was pretty young, then I realized that this realm is not for such encounters--far too harsh and mundane (if that makes sense).

    I love my journey--it's inborn in me. I love everyone (even some of the JWs) that I've met on my journey. Without my wandering heart, I never would've encountered the beautiful and terrifying souls that I have.

    IMBA, of course you will find your "level". We all shall. Look around you at the souls you're encountering right now on your journies by just opening your heart and eyes--you may find more kindred than you thought.


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