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  • IMustBreakAway

    Sort of in conjuction with the thread about "feeling" something different in the atmosphere of the KH as of late a few things have been on my mind.

    I make maybe one meeting a week. Every time i go I get smiles from the brothers and a nice, "How are you doing XXXX?" But that is pretty much it. Granted i'm rather intimadating weighing in at 280 and a good 6'5' tall, and have a full red beard. But i am still a baptised member of the congregation. I haven't heard a word of encouragment. Also I haven't been in service since June, at least. I know that i should be considered "inactive." But i haven't had a sheparding call or even my "bookstudy overseer" mention it to me. Or ask me why. Is it possible they just really don't care? Or maybe they have larger problems on their hands. There are a lot of wild youths in my hall and they seem to keep the elder body busy. Perhaps they seem me as a non-threat at the moment.

    I just hear these stories about people who have elders banging down their doors and wonder why i am ignored?

  • carla

    Big guy? not a problem. A full red beard! shameful.

  • unique1

    I wish people would leave me alone. Do you have family in that congregation? Have you known these people since birth? I think that is why they hound me. They don't bother with my husband at all. He joined 9 years ago to marry me.

  • IMustBreakAway

    No family this hall, moved here maybe two years ago. No one knew us then. Maybe that's why.

  • daystar
    moved here maybe two years ago.

    That could be why, but not necessarily. I grew up in the congregation I was in. I suspect that they hardly knew I was gone. I certainly never received a call or a visit from anyone, and I was not labelled an apostate, nor was I disfellowshipped. They just didn't give a f***k. Sad really... people I'd know since I was an infant could not take the time to see how I was doing.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I have the very same experience going on. Have not put in FS reports since October and last meeting was in Janurary. Up until this time whole family has been active members for the past 20 some years in this same congregation.......Not one phone call......... Maybe it is a new light type thing that if you stop coming they feel you've made your desicion, and it saves them from confronting you. I don't know ? It is interesting to me that in the past few weeks I was going through a stressful time with a close relative (JW) , serious surgery , and I know elders were informed by others , yet not one phone call of concern . Yet the christian women I work with and don't know very well came over to me very concerned about the situation and even offered to say a prayer for my family .....I told her thank you very much, and accepted her generousity. Who is showing the true christian spirit ??? Not hard to figure out .. Honestly I can't say I really care any more since I realize this religion is based on lies . My husband on the other hand still is a believer and would have appreciated support .

  • luna2

    I think it depends on the elders in your many there are and how busy they are with both their secular and JW obligations. Could be that all those wild kids are keeping them from buggin' you to death. Thank goodness, huh? I also think that some elders would rather hound women and much easier to intimidate, doncha know.

    I got a few calls, but they were mostly from a Pio sis who'd taken me on as her project. I just told her that I didn't think I was a good enough witnoid and that I'd be back when I got my head straight. She'd sigh over me in exasperation and say that I wouldn't be able to get my head straight without Jehoober. Poor woman. I was a real pain in her behind.

    About a year after I'd gone inactive I got a call from my marvy bookstudy conductor. I'm sure he was trying to clean up his records for the CO's visit. I'll bet he lied and said he'd met with me...he was that kind of guy. I'm sure he didn't give a hoot about me one way or the other...I was just an unimportant single sister after all.

    I just got invited by another elder (one I like) to come to the Memorial this year (note stuck in my door). Yah, that sounds appealing. I think its time I put them out of their misery and sent my DA letter in. I'm so lazy. LOL

  • Emma

    You might get a call when the co's due to visit. Or they'll make up a story for him. My b.o.e. told my family how hard they'd tried to help me - phone calls, visits, etc. It never happened.


  • IMustBreakAway

    c.o. came and went recently. I know that i am "inactive" but also there are a lot of sisters in the hall with UBMs. Maybe they just assume i am one of those. Also i give them the impression that i work a lot. (the answer is always "I'm working")

  • Dismembered

    I'd count my "blessings" they leave you alone. Remember too, that the "elder" ranks are diminishing.


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