Is truth the end of philosophy? or the goal of philosophy?

by DavidChristopher 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • gumby

    Jgnat....why does ANY "statement" need to be included in a "free" church? Statements make dogma and dogma makes religion. I realise you personally may not feel inclined to abide by anyones interpretatioins and feel free in christ, but I'm asking out of concern... and for your opinion.


  • DavidChristopher


    The answer is no. But I did, and so did alot of other people.

    How many people have loved money more than Jesus and even our brothers and sisters?

    Am I evil? yes I am.

  • SixofNine

    Hey DavidChristopher, can I ask you something?

  • Shazard

    Christ can offer you salvation and guarantee. 1) He does not need your silver 2) You have to believe that Christ gives you salvation and he himself IS this salvation.

  • jgnat

    It seems to me, gumby, that every club needs rules to keep the tribe from killing each other. Those rules get written down eventually. I like how Jean Vanier puts it, that need for community and need for individuality are both necessary and both conflict. A new community starts out inclusive and flexibile. As the community itself gains value for people, however, they become protective of it. Even to the point of coercing individuals to conform. We see this on our very own forum. We are getting better at chasing away those who are deemed too critical.

    Those twelve statements of belief define the community and give it an identity. An identity of which they are no doubt proud. Christopher asked for acceptance and a guarantee of salvation. IF he is ready to accept their explanation, I have no doubt that the average evangelical congregation will accept him with open arms, AND guarantee his salvation. If he is requesting acceptance with no strings attached, then L'Arche is the best community I know for THAT.

    I think Jean Vanier found the balance of inclusiveness, something I dream gets included in every club rulebook.

  • Narkissos

    Telos = goal and end.

    Can you get too close to God?
    I have recently come across a book by Edmond Jab├Ęs where he depicts the mystic as a deivore: murdering and eating/consuming the divine by suppressing the distance.
    If truth is where philosophy ends...where does it begin?
    It often starts with the myth -- questioning it instead of reiterating it. And it certainly ends in myth too, making room for further philosophical questioning. Perhaps philosophy is more about displacing myths than "solving" them.

    but was also looking for a church to accept me in, and guarantee my forgiveness and salvation. I have 30 pieces of silver for the offering plate. Can someone find me a church that will accept me in?
    He he... no church would hear about selling Jesus I'm afraid. Professional secret. Every apostle has to bear his/her Judas conscience alone.

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