The most cruel actions of WTS?

by greendawn 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • upside/down

    A life is a terrible thing to waste...

    Glad I've only wasted bout half...

    Gawd forgive me!


  • aquagirl

    the worst thing is that they are making life hard for my very elderly parents.i am the only one who cares about\and for sister,a devout[?] jw,and her child abusing lowlife scum of a husband,a ministerial servant,say they wont help them if i am in the picture.yet in the past,when i havent been in the pic,they have ignored them...also now,as my siters kids are one by one,cheating on their wives.and leaving them and other crimes,the big issue is that its all because of my infulence so many years ago,b4 i was df' family has been almost totaly destroyed by the organization,and ill be damned if im going to let them get my parents away form me too..

  • 95stormfront
    then the dumbest thing came out her mouth one day when I asked her about her future plans: "I will stay here and just work hard to get promoted to a higher position."


    definitely a future section 8 recipient.......

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