Mental Health Issues in JW Women

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  • Seven

    Here's a click to the Cultic Studies Journalissue concerning JW women. [url][/url]

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    Thanks, Seven,

    Been clicking away over there.

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  • Pathofthorns

    That was interesting (and not too much of a long read either).

    I sometimes wonder what some of these psychiatrists must think when they get 20 jw women going to them telling them all of their "problems".

    I have found that JWs have a strange hold and effect on their women. And I believe its in a different way than with men. It would be a facinating subject to explore further.

    Thanks Seven


  • waiting

    Hey Path,

    [url=]Mental Issues in Jehovah's Witnesses[/url]

    This is the home page which gives the price and author for a whole group of articles written and can be purchased. The abstract gives an overview of what information the article will contain.

    (and not too much of a long read either).

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  • Pathofthorns

    I would have to say at the "local" congregational level, those that impact the congregation most are the so-called "strong". The elders and their wives.

    The rest of the people are simply weak and are someone to be "helped". Ministerial servants really have a non-title for the most part, since it carries no authority until they become elders.

    Studies detailing the politics behind a congregation would be interesting. Elders wives pull lots of strings and get lots of info out of their spineless husbands (not to say there are lots too that tell their wives nothing) but I know this to be true. They also can pull strings to get their husbands to do things for them, ie counsel someone they don't like.

    Many times i think some strong women impact the hall because they seem to have more time to network and gossip outside of meeting times. Service car-groups are places where the latest info is exchanged. Many times these sisters know more what's going on than the elders.

    (Not to demean sisters, but that some have too much time on their hands seems to have been part of the "design" of the "JW system".)


  • Brian/active JW
    Brian/active JW

    My comment is in response to this comment, "I have found that JWs have a strange hold and effect on their women." If by "strange hold" you mean the fact that JW's continuously preach that Christian men are to show honor to their wives and to love them as we love our own bodies, then I guess that could be called strange. The WT magazine and other publications constantly refer to wives as a complement to the man, not pawns or mindless robots. Is the counsel to hold our wives in high esteem going to cause mental health issues in JW women?

  • Mythbuster
  • baltar447

    Unfortunately Brian there are a number of JW men that are NOT christlike and instead are demeaning and abusive in different ways. I know I was (not physically) for years but didn't realize it. People(elders too) don't like to get involved and tell someone that they are a jerkhole to their wife.

  • TG-Jasper

    The rule that the man is the "head" of the household and the woman is the "weaker vessel" creates an environment where a woman can not have her own thoughts and identity, and where abuse is likely to go unnoticed. All the power is given to the men.

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Hi Brian - I see you have been lurking for 4 years and this is the first time you have had the courage to post. So well done and a belated welcome!

    But please don't just parrot what the organisation tells you to think and say - start thinking for yourself.

    Look around the congregation and observe the women - try and look behind the happy mask and see how things really are for them. Women have no status and no authority in the organisation (though elders wives try to do so through their husbands). They are second class citizens and those like my wife who have UBMs are lower still. As for psychological damage the organisation has caused my wife - it is palpable - low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. I believe that women may be more susceptible to the guilt and shame that the WBTS peddles as its stock in trade.

    I spend a lot of time trying to help my wife with her self-esteem that has been so badly damaged by growing up in the oppressive environment you know of as 'The Truth'.

    Get out of denial and open your mind and maybe you might even start to see clearly for the first time in your life. Good luck

    Cheers Fraz

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