Infant baptism / blood issue

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  • jambon1

    How many times did you hear JW`s rant on 'we dont baptize our children as infants, we let them make their own decision as adults'. Fair enough? Yes, how balanced and reasonable.

    You know what bothers me though? I'll tell you.....

    Yes, they dont baptize infants yet they if the buck stops with them they will willingly 'make their decision' to end the life of the child due to transfusion refusal.

    Hmmm, not very reasonable, balanced at all really .

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  • greendawn

    It's bad enough when adults refuse blood transfusions but when they involve little children in this that's criminal, indeed those children are not adults and fit to make decisions so why don't they let them have blood to live?

  • crazyblondeb

    Remember you are talking about UNbalanced and NONreasonable!! As a nurse (most everyone has heard this), I had the priviledge of intervening in 2 instances of them trying to take their child from the hospital and/or trying to withhold blood.

    When my younger was about 4, she had an old utility trailer hitch fall on her. They couldn't find a surgeon to operate on her. They were willing to let my little sister loose her eyesight, or worse, die.

    I feel very strong about this issue and will do anything in my power to intervene or at least raise awareness to this issue.


  • skeeter1

    Jambon, you are "right on"


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