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  • Shazard

    Here was thread which gave me this idea
    Is there some good "compilation" of good questions (not too much) to ask JW in bible studies with potential new JW to expose their "truth". I know there are hundreds of questions, dozens of sites with different questions for JW, but I am thinking about specific questions to ask in presence of new student and their "teacher" to plant seeds of doubt in the student that there is something wrong with studies! Tricky questions for JW but actually for "hearing" for 3rd persons...

  • jstalin


    Show me, using the Bible only, that Jesus was invisibly enthroned in 1914.

  • Shazard

    Guess this 1914 question won't work in the begining as they does not start with it.

  • Sunspot
    Show me, using the Bible only, that Jesus was invisibly enthroned in 1914

    Obviously, they can't DO that.....I've been asking for years. (But then, I DAed myself and now I am not "entitled" to know the truth any more...not that I learned "the truth" from the WTS in the first place)

    We could ask to be shown why they insist on teaching and believing that Jesus came invisibly, mind you, and chose THEM out of all the religions on earth---to be the ONLY ones he approves? They ALSO happened to be using the Cross as the acceptable symbol of Christianity, were still allowing the use of tobacco, and were celebrating Christmas when they were supposedly "approved". NOW the JWs are disfellowshipped for the same things.

    Humans should be required to wear a Haz-mat suit to be able to enter into the world of WTS teachings and to read their literature. You can either die from laughing or die from the toxic material sucking the life right out of you.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    You need to get in touch with Wilbur Lingle. He has good questions in book form.

    D Dog

  • snarf

    Here is something I was "encouraged" to do during my bible studies as they progressed. I was having difficulty progressing as the family I married into were all witnesses and on the flip side were also very abusive (the family). I was told that maybe some of the items that I owned previous to my relationship and also items I aquired from my relatives upon their death could be possesed by demons. I was "encouraged" to go through my entire house and gather up these things that were given to me or that I had aquired prior the relationship and burn them. Also, i was shown an article from a 1969 issue from an awake magazine about demonic pessesion in items witnesses had purchased from garage sales, goodwill, or gifts they were given.Now to me at the time, and certianly now, that view seems a little supersticiuos. So, first ask the witnnes their views on superstitions. Of course they will say they do not believe in superstions, then if you have the ability to refernece the awake from 1969 (I appologize I "burned" mine when I decided to leave), then ask how it is possible.

    Another thing to ask is their law on two witnesses being present in order to prove the wrong doing of someone in the organization. Do child molesters molest children in view of at least one other person? Hardly never, so therefore the child in coming forth with the allegations of abuse would not be believed unless another person came forward with proof of the event.Do wife beaters beat their wives in view of another person, never in my personal experience.

    Hope this has helped.

  • mdb

    Ask them to explain who the "Angel of the Lord" is in the account of Abraham offering his son Isaac up as a burnt offering. That should be interresting - since they've probablly never thought about it before and won't have a rehursed answer ready.

    The account is found in Genesis 22. I think I may post a separate thread on Genesis 22 to see what others here have to say.

  • greendawn

    When did the organisation of the JWs come to existence? If there were always genuine Christians through the ages who were they? And how do the JWs connect back to the apostolic church since they claim to be its continuation? And how many false prophecies or predictions did they make about the end of times?

  • M.J.

    Just as important, I think, is to build bridges during a study rather than setting up barriers by pulling out a "top ten" list of apostate questions. Cut the JW some slack here and there. Be pleasant in the dialogue. Let the JW walk himself into contradictions. You get the hang of it after a while. Most of all be humble. Don't act like you know more about the subject than the JW, or give the impression you are simply interested in tripping them up. Be genuinely interested in their assertions and only counter them in the context of your "confusion" on how to logically reconcile the inconsistencies.

  • ezra

    invisibly enthroned easy.

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