How many generations of yours were lemmings?

by free2beme 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • IMustBreakAway

    I'm a fifth generation... (are you my mommy? j/k)

  • luna2

    I don't know how to count it.

    My great grandparents on my father's side were JW's. My grandfather, who's name was James Russell Bartell, once told me that he remembered C.T. Russell coming to dinner...not sure if this is possible or not, I'll have to check dates. Grandpa left the farm and struck out on his own at an early age and was never baptised.

    My father remembers being taken out to do street work by his aunts when his family would go to Ohio to visit them, but that was his only exposure to the cult. His mother was very opposed and hated that her sil's would try to influence her kids. Not sure why she let my father go out in service with them.

    My parents never discussed JWs in my presence when I was growing up. I chose to become a dub all on my own. When I learned about my dub relatives (who were all dead by that time), I thought it was mega cool, like it was "meant to be", and other such stupidity. I was a moron.

  • misspeaches

    Just Mumsy and us kiddly winks… Actually on the subject… I really think that if you didn’t have generations of witnesses in your family you were treated as less important.

  • mrsjones5

    If I had gotten baptised I would have been third generation on my mother's side, once removed (my real grandmother is mentally unstable and was never baptised as a jw so my mother was raised by her grandmother who was a jw)

    And third generations on my father's side, though my father's parents got baptised as jws later in life in the 1980's.


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