Does Anyone Here Know Anything About....

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  • greendawn

    I know that the major cities in Europe are covered very well, I can zoom in to my house and see cars in the parking space and the large dustbin (trash bin). However smaller cities in Europe have nothing like this detailed resolution.

  • Think

    Don't worry, they are just a pictures from sattelie... They can see what time you have on your watch...

  • Legolas

    I am going to try to take a snap shot of it.

    The one thing that I can tell you for certainty that it is NOT ice or an iceberg.

  • Legolas
  • slugga

    it looks like cloud over an island

    Its the island in LOST!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    My biology and anthropology isn't too good but maybe someone can interpret what I'm thinking of!

    Maybe it's a colony of fluorescent plankton or a large algal bloom or something like that? (I'm thinking along the lines of the 'sargasso sea' or blue-green algae).

  • slugga

    Can you give us the rough area so we can check it on our google earths ?

  • Legolas

    P.E.I Canada

  • Scully

    An iceberg in the Northumberland Strait?

  • Legolas




    PEI has the three major primary colours. The soil is a beautiful red. The water that surrounds the entire province is blue. The grass is a deep rich green. In addition, the beaches throughout the province are breathtaking. The aerial photos and the community photos show the beauty of the province.

      Why is the soil red?
    • The aboriginal peoples of P.E.I., known as the Mi'kmaq, inhabited the Island long before European explorers traversed the area in the 16th century. The Mi'kmaq referred to the Island as "Abegweit" - a name which means 'CRADLE ON THE WAVES.' According to their rich tradition, the god Glooscap, after he had finished all the beauties of the globe, mixed the colors with his paintbrush and formed this cherished land of Abegweit.

      The Island is formed from sedimentary bed rock of soft, red sandstone which produces the rich, red soil. The redness of the soil is due to the high iron-oxide (rust) content.

      Does PEI have earthquakes?
    • PEI is not in an earthquake zone.
      Does PEI have tornados or hurricanes?
    • On occasion, PEI may receive the tail end of some wind systems.
      Is there wind on PEI?
    • PEI always seems to have a breeze. There is an Atlantic Wind Test Site that monitors and tests the winds of the province.
      Are there icebergs off PEI?
    • No there are no icebergs off PEI.

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