“Did Jesus Really Die on a Cross?” Awake 4/06

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  • lostlantern

    This is a recent article in the Awake 4/06 issue. It’s funny because my husband and I were just discussing this yesterday. I was having misgivings as to whether or not wearing a cross is bad. This is huge for me; never in a million years would I have thought that such a reverse in feelings would happen to me regarding the cross. I realize that the people I work with wear it to remind them of Jesus sacrifice and what he means to them, they use it to hold him in high esteem. They don’t pray to it, nor do they bow down to it. The article lists all of the reasons as to why it is not to be used, including the “WT” proof that he was killed on a stake or tree. The age old illustration is used regarding a family member being murdered, would you wear a copy of the murder weapon around your neck? I have even used all of these arguments myself, be it in talks or in the door to door ministry. We have always looked down upon the practice of wearing a cross, calling it idol worship. However now more than ever I feel that I understand it. I find myself wanting or maybe it is needing something to remind myself of Jesus, who he is and what he did for us, that he died for us. I have felt lost and separated from all that is spiritual since I started down this road. I sometimes feel like I could use “something” to keep his sacrifice close in my mind, when you stop going to meetings, participating in field service, and all that is associated with being a witness there is a void. Filling the hole that is left is the hard part. What do we fill it with and how do we start praying again. I have this feeling of just avoiding all that is “religious or spiritual” but that doesn’t seem to be the answer. This new path is definitely a journey that I feel is worthwhile, but it is a hard one. How do you guys feel?

  • purplesofa

    Reading your comments makes me think about what I think when I see someone wearing a cross.

    It lets me know that they are religious and want people to know it......I automatically find myself noticing it and being respectful of it. This person is not ashamed or afraid to show or share what they believe.

    I was raised catholic and wore a cross growing up..........I remember a necklace and when I felt close to or needed strength I would hold it between my two fingers.........Like you I think it made me feel close and was a reminder to me.

    The age old illustration is used regarding a family member being murdered, would you wear a copy of the murder weapon around your neck?

    Actually the cross or stake did not kill Jesus......if you think about it. It was not the murder weapon.


  • inbyathread

    Anybody that asks me that will get a different answer now than a year ago. What difference does it make? Will Jesus be disqualified by God because the romans failed to use the proper instrument of death?

    "Sorry you're going to have to do that over again. The first sacrifice didn't count"

    The fact that he died for us should be the important thing. What is essential for salvation, the fact that he died or the instrument of his execution?

  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    I hate wt reasoning.

    They make it seem like Jesus was murdered in a drive by with a 9mm,

    and how stupid it would be for his family to wear a replica of the 9mm.

    Jesus allowed himself to be sacrificed on the cross.

  • Leolaia

    Can someone pleeeeeeease scan this article and post it? I'm curious to see if they've addressed any of my criticisms... ;)

  • lostlantern

    I would post it but I don't know how embed it after it is scanned.

  • Hellrider
    Filling the hole that is left is the hard part. What do we fill it with and how do we start praying again.

    Matthew 6:10 - 14

    Leolaia: Have you written to them about why their "stake"-proof is wrong?

  • willyloman

    I feel the way I now feel about all the world's traditions that I used to shun: For these traditions to exist, there had to have been a reason men invented them. If that reason resonates with you, honor the tradition. God doesn't give a rat's patootey. He's not that small.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Another exJW friend and I were chatting about this the other day!

    I also started life as a Catholic, but as a JW I truly believed that Christ died on a stake. Don't believe that anymore. And the fact that he died as a sacrifice for our sins, because he wanted to, is completely different than someone being murdered. I always hated that JW analogy.

    I haven't bought a cross because I really would have no opportunity to wear it. But then again, I'm not even that sure what I believe from one day to the next sometimes. Some days, I just want to wear a cross pendant - so it would be nice to have one. It would sort of make a statement...


  • jwfacts

    There is virtually undeniable proof that Jesus died on a cross, gramatically, historically, medically and so forth. See http://jwfacts.com/index_files/cross.htm
    You mentioned that you feel like wanting something to remind you of Jesus. That was a reason that the cross started being used, as a reminder of the Lord. A graphic illustration of Jesus was not used by early Christians in order to prevent people worshipping the literal image of him.

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