Daily conspiracy fix - 2/20/06 (The best 9/11 video imo. Must see!)

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  • truth_about_the_truth
    Please elaborate!...Or tell me in a PM!

    Think of sovereign nations as puppets under the authority of a hidden global authority structure away from the public eye. Think of G W Bush and his posse as merely the public representation of a much larger deeper extensive group with a plan to destroy the middle class, enslave mankind and re-establish a feudalistic society with them as the masters and us as the slaves. Look at history and see what the Reichstag fire in Germany was to accomplish. See what happened to that country not long after that event. This is what 9/11 was about. What has happened to personal freedom since that event? Who benefitted from it? It sure wasn't you or I.

    It is just the beginning of a long range plan. As you can see, 9/11 wasn't caused by Al Qaeda and Islamic extremists. That is what we are being force fed by the corporate media which is controlled by these same people. Some ppl blame Bush and the Republicans for 9/11 after examining the facts. That would be an incorrect assertion. They had a part in it but it wasn't their plan. The PLAN goes back, way back.

    The only reason why these hidden powers are getting away with this is because most of the ppl still believe the official story. They know we as a whole are being duped and will continue to roll with their plan and laugh at us in their boardrooms. The jokes on us. This is why it is so important for all of us to wake up and smell the coffee. So here's the question. If they did this once...who says they wont do it again? on a larger scale? Guess who the corporate media will blame again? We wont be fooled next time. Knowledge is power.

  • Legolas
    The only reason why these hidden powers are getting away with this is because most of the ppl still believe the official story.

    I knew for a few years now that bush was behind the attack (I seen a video like the ones you post....it was on the time line of that day...like it showed bush in school with a bunch of kids when he got the news of what had just happened....and he STAYED there)

    But boy oh boy, this thread's video proved that I only was touching the surface!

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    I have a copy of the Northwoods Document. There is a lot more interesting stuff this video does not say about them. For example: "We could dress up U.S. Marines as Cuban Terrorists and have them hijack planes" - Northwoods Document 1962 - U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

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