May a JW mail carrier deliver mail to a church?

by Bonnie_Clyde 33 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • DaCheech
    What about what is actually being delivered? Like Playboy and other, Church newsletters, and to my house would be apostate literature and books!

    In the US, it is a federal offense to tamper, steal, destroy.... US mail

  • Gregor

    When I was an elder we had a Bro. who worked for magazine and candy distributor. About half the mags he delivered were of the rankest T&A. He picked up the unsold copies and had to tear off the covers. Obviously the temptation to thumb through them was overwhelming and sure enough he, his wife, brother and sister in law were all a constant source of weired sex issues. We encouraged him to find other employment and he was not given any priviledges, but we never had any grounds to DF him at that time in the mid '70s.

    "Quit touching the unclean thing!"

    "But I always wash it first!" (thanks Johnny cip, I'll appreciate your posts more and more as I get older and lose my eyesight!)

  • Warlock

    Delivering mail to ANYONE that is not a J.W.,is being in league with the devil.


  • mkr32208

    What about CPR on a minister? I mean this is just so ridiculous! On the plus side there will be one million new jobs in the united states when they are all forced to quit!

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