Watchtower admits JW's teach a different gospel

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  • Listener

    Yet in they Lord's prayer they pray "let your kingdom come"

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Speaking of the Lord's Prayer, I don't see what is wrong with repeating it. They claim Jesus did not say to do it mindlessly. I can repeat oaths, creeds, affirmations and other serious matters with my mind fully on the content. Jesus says it is a good guideline. Between the WTBS and Jesus, Jesus gets my vote. Besides I am the survivor of Witness prayers in KH. Jesus' prayer is much more meaningful. Of course, he does not mention WTBTS. With his God or whatever the Witnesses assert he is, brain, one would think he would have told people to pray for the WTBTS, a publishing company to appear in ....AD,CE to be incorporated in Pittsburgh and have its principal offices in Brooklyn. Yet Jesus evidently screwed up.

    The WTBTS is so important yet not once could any Bible author mention it. Maybe they should have invented angels in upstate NY.

  • clarity

    Oddly, I only just got it lately, that the Jesus that I used to preach not the same as the apostles preached.

    Or that the "good news of the kingdom" was not that Christ started to Rule in 1914 or living in paradise for a 1000yrs!

    Thanks for your comment Listener, good point.

    Band on the Run, yes you would think we would have been told extensively about the great GB!!


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