take patience out of the equation - a rant

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  • Calliope

    well (long and drawn out),
    when i went to AA meetings, i was 18-ish. (my teenage years are a bit of a blur today...) and i didn't so much as have a drinking problem, as have a general manic problem. the drinking and the drugs and the 72 hour partying trips, were probably some sort of coping mechanism that allowed me to survive to the ripe ol' age of 30. (note: i moved on to healthier coping tactics in my early 20s).

    the AA meetings offered more comfort to my depression then to the possibility that i had a drinking problem. in the end, the issues were more solidly dealt with in one-on-one therapy sessions with a psychologist.

    ahhh, so much material for a book...


  • lostlantern

    We are listening, rant on. My suggestion is plug in some U2, it is better than church.

  • Calliope

    speaking of U2,
    i spent some serious time with BAD on repeat a few weeks okay.
    music to lose your faith by.


  • Cellist

    I hope you're feeling a little better today. A good rant is always helpful. My poor husband listens to mine on a regular basis. He always tries to remind me of the good things. Not helpful in the middle of the rant, but appreciated later.


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