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  • *Heather*

    My mother married a man that was a complete and utterly a-hole. He made life miserable, and I would say he made my life like living in hell (for 9 1/2 years). I don't know what his problem was, but I guess it was this darn religion and more. Needless to say... I don't strongly dislike him, but I hate him bacause of all the mean and un thoughtful things he has done and said to not only me, but my sister and my mother, which disgusts me. I never have understood the JW religion, and never will...
    By the way, my mother is also on this site, and it looked so interesting. So now I'm on it. If anyone wants to talk, here I am!

  • *Heather*

    And here is mom positng for her, had to show her pic! so proud!

  • *Heather*

    Here she is! luv her!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Heather,

    Welcome to the board.

    I take it from your comments that you didn't make the mistake of baptism.

    I am jealous that you have a family member on here with you. I would just love to see some of mine on here. That dosn't look like happening any time soon.



  • gumby

    Welcome Heather

    Sorry your step dad was a bastard.


  • *Heather*

    thanks guys! ya'll are awesome!

  • calico


  • *Heather*

    yes it is nice to be out of that house!

    and that is in fact a pic of me!

  • diamondblue1974

    Welcome to the forum....stay awhile...


  • just2sheep

    welcome heather,

    i have a similar story, except my stepfather was never a jw, never read a watchtower, never read an awake...and was horrible person to me for thirty-three years; right up until he died. but you can rise above this.

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