All I want is LOVE...

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  • unclebruce

    Hey brother ozzie, you're a sophisticated man about JWD,

    I know you've had a longtime attachment to a classy lady but how do you go about fighing off all the adoring women that throw themselves at your feet?

    My strategy of being a loud buffoon usually works just fine but think slipped under my radar - the sneeky love monkey out buffooned me .. and now gumboman is belting it for all its worth Oh why ..why was I born so attractive to hermaphradites, transvesterites and vampireites?

    I said this too over the weekend....


    Hey what's wrong with 3 X 4 emphasis?

  • jojochan



  • unique1

    Sorry. JW's don't really teach love so they don't know how to express it. I am sorry you feel unloved. We all do while going through this at one time or another. Just remember we all love ya. I know it is no substitute, but it still feels good.

  • Think


    Thanks for loving me ! This is all I need....

    All I need is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...

    You are not interested in my gender, the size of my boobs... or the size of other t****

    Thank YOU for that . You are truly UNIQUE ! I like to share with you a poem from Celine Dione song....

    "Everywhere i go, all the places that

    I've been

    Every smile is a new horizon on a land

    I've never seen

    There are people around the world

    different faces different names

    But there is one true emotion that

    reminds me we're the same...

    Let's talk about love

  • Beachbender

    in the words of John lennon....... "all you need is love, love, love is all you need".

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes


    Think, this is a Celine Dion free zone. LOL

  • lostlantern

    Great Beatles Song

    Nothing wrong with wanting love, we could use more of it in this world.

  • Think

    Beachbender, Thanks for the heart...

    John Lennon was killed for his beliefs. Even I don't agree with some of the words in his song " IMAGINE", because I believe in God, but I like his position on " brotherhhod of men".

    Imagine, " nothing to kill or die for, no religions too, the brotherhood of men, imagine if you can, you may think that I am a dreamer, but I am NOT THE ONLY ONE...

    No possesions too, people sharing the wealth.....

    Today we have to many " Rich Robin Hoods " in reverse, robbing the poor, skimming the charities to enrich themselves... so sad and shameful....

    But GOD is watching... there will be time to reap what a person sow...

  • misanthropic

    Love is good, nothing wrong with wanting love. I'm really jonesing for a nice cold Ale.....

  • anewme

    All I wanted was love too, all my life. And now I think I've found it. I feel like a dog that found a good home.....WOOF!

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