Here's an idea for a "hot list"....

by Low-Key Lysmith 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • misanthropic

    I used to see this guys older brother (well it was just a couple week fling). They're German and very intense and serious but very good looking guys. I realized this about a month back when I was looking through the memerlist. I am pretty sure DouG got married and has other things going on right now. Which is why he isn't posting here anymore? Maybe he still lurks?

  • diamondblue1974

    Whilst I recognise her I know she wasnt mentioned in any of the hot lists and undeservedly so; possibly because of her scary avatar (LOL); but thats the only negative thing I can say about her. I was quite new on JWD when she joined and I remember my PM inbox being barraged with all sorts of questions, it was clear that she had an inquisitive mind and was searching for answers, probably like most of us to reconcile our experiences.
    She doesnt post much which is probably why she wasnt nominated but she is busy with family (two kids and partner); but she has a great sense of humour, intelligent and good looking too (sorry ellie had to say it ).

    A great friend on and offline! DB74

  • kristyann

    Low-Key Lysmith: I like him because he's the only self-proclaimed "hick" that didn't yell at me for using the word "hick" and get all defensive. :-) What a sexy boy!

  • misspeaches

    I think this is a great idea and wanna bump this back to the top…. ( I missed it the first time around.)

    I’m going to pick on Fairchild. When I first joined JWD Fairchild was one of the first people to welcome me and go along with my games. I still have the odd interaction with Fairchild when they post and they’re great! Another pick while I’m on to it is AuntieJane. She is so lovely. When you hear from her you can just feel the love and genuine concern she has for people. She wasn’t a JW but has family who are and joined here because of it. She’s so supportive in so many ways for many of us here.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Okay, my turn! I chose PaulJ. He's DA'd and from his first post and a few others he's gone through a lot of crap, but he still manages to have an optimistic outlook on life, an attitude i could aspire to.

    And he's a Liverpool fan, not that I'm one but I like anyone who doesn't support Manchester United (if you read this Paul - nice win last Saturday BTW )

  • RichieRich

    I'll choose Lucifer. She's often thrown into the limelight by her mom (legolas, who's one of our top posters) but she doesn't always say a whole lot. She's a beautiful girl, she's been through alot, and she likes me back. What more could you ask for?

    Next up is Chia. Poor girl is busy, what with her deadweight brother, but shes a nice young lady.

    Then I'll get LuckyNun. Mother of at least one beautiful child, and with a great head on her shoulders, and if memory serves correctly, a few awesome tattoos. Woot woot for for the midwest.

    How about Balsam, my NC friend who lost her son to the JW blood issue. Shes a strong woman, and we all know it.

    Then I'll pick on GenericMan. Quite the thespian, hes been known to liven up a District convention or a lunch date. All that, and a college education.

  • sixsixsixtynine

    Nice idea! Here's a few:

    G-Money - He's way over the top in his opinions, although often times right on the (no pun intended) money!

    funkyderek - great sense of humor, and very intelligent responses to very unintelligent people.

    low-key lysmith - fellow Washington homie, good sense of humor, and a Ween fan too.

    peace, 6-6-69

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey low-key, thanks for that man. and what's this? you're a Ween fan?! how hot is that? i've loved those crazy guys since i was about 15. still yet to see them live though. nice.

    k, i found a couple:

    patrick bateman: this guy cracked me up beyond belief with the ass and angel wing pics. just so funny.

    irongland: another guy who cracks me up.


  • collegegirl21

    I choose .... Reefton Jack .... he seems like a genuine guy and its nice to know that although he defied his dad and took the wrong turn, that he is happily remarried and out of the borg! Check him out! :)

  • GoingGoingGone

    I nominate bythesea.....

    She's fading, and her husband is an active JW who is very much against that. She has a beautiful new grandbaby and is trying not to get herself DF'd so that she can stay in the lives of her children and grandchild. She's going through a really rough time, and she's still upbeat and tackles one day at a time.

    She doesn't post here much, but she reads the board every day. We've become great friends and I'm soooo glad that I have her, since we're in the same situation we have a lot to talk about!


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