Using new doctrine to enforce NEW Watchtower policy.

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  • stillajwexelder
  • hubert

    I'll take a stab at it, Hubert...

    Opening an old Examining the Scriptures Daily, I discovered the next new light: All male JWs who are married to non-JW women must divorce them forthwith a la Ezra chapter 10 and send them and their children by them away.


    BINGO !!!! You got it, Merry.

    That's exactly what I am looking for, a few examples of this.

    (Now why didn't I say this in the first place)?


  • MerryMagdalene

    Hmmm...I'm not sure what's wrong with us, but I understood you poifickly well, Hubert, the first time through even


  • minimus

    Now I getcha! ////////// ........ Letter writing is a scriptural form of ministry. In imitation of the Apostle Paul , we should also engage in letter writing. Paul was no doubt affected with poor eyesight yet he still set the example in letter writing. Notice Gal. 6:11, "See with what large letters I have written you with my own hand". If the faithful apostle Paul could further the good news in this way, can we not make room for this important part of our ministry?...........Here's another one: We don't need to know every detail about a matter to accept it as truth. Oftentimes the faithful slave gives us information that we might not fully comprehend as far as details. 1Sam. 13:1 states,"Saul was {?} years old when he began to reign and for two years he reigned over Israel". Obviously, Jehovah God, the Great Timekeeper did not see fit to include the EXACT time or season for a matter. Who then are we to question Jehovah God and His Slave over time periods and calculations of time? Some things are left questionable by the Almighty in His Word the Bible. Likewise, we must never run ahead of God's spirit filled Organization. .......//////

  • yaddayadda

    'New Light' with scriptural backing. Possible Watchtower Watchtower study wording::

    Matthew 4:2; 6:17; Mark 2:20, Luke 5:35; Luke 18:12

    "A clearer understanding of fasting reveals that Jesus approved of fasting, himself fasted on occasion, and foretold that his disciples would again practice it after his death."

    Acts 13:2,3

    "From this verse it is apparent that fasting was a part of the worship of the first century Christians. With this better understanding all of us are now encouraged to practice regular fasting, as we want to bring our worship more in line with original Christianity as recorded in the scriptures and thus be fully pleasing Jehovah God."

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I think we will all agree that the Watchtower is a prime example of how you could make a "Scriptural" point out of nothing but simply the desire to NOT have the opinions of everybody else. I have noticed a strong call for organizational loyalty, one that seems it will start to increase more and more. The "Faithful and Discreet Slave" interpretation will eventually lead them back to catholicism.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    I have a policy of not reading the Watchtower and it works for me.

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