Which do YOU do.....play by the Witnesses Rules....or by YOUR own Rules?

by gumby 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • gumby
    Some of us here remember threads about how some here have decided not to play by dub rules in the area of shunning. For instance.....they say "since the borg is a bogus religion and since it's shunning policies are not biblically nor morally based in most cases, they fell they should freely speak to other Jehovahs Witnesses whenever they wish even though they know the witnesses are to shun them when approched or contacted by them.

    They feel they do not need to play by dub standards when around a dub any longer and one reason is.....they do not want the dub to feel that you think they are right and you are wrong by playing the part of a shunned person. They want to show the dub the dub is wrong, not them.

    How about you? Do you feel YOU should respect their wishes because you know full well they are sincere in their beliefs as you also once were and would act as they do......or do you feel you should not play by their rules and you should play by your own rules?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Well, I'm not going to force myself on anyone that doesn't wish to speak to me. It's them that's playin by the rules, not me. If they speak to me, I'll speak to them. My sister said she would change all her e-mail addresses and phone numbers if I didn't stop speaking with her husband. So much for the JW men being the bosses. I told her she didn't have to change anything. I don't bother with them. Let them be.

  • Honesty

    The Watchtower has no power over who I speak to. If they respond or do not respond that is up to them but I don't shun anyone.

  • oldflame
    If they respond or do not respond that is up to them but I don't shun anyone.

    Ditto on that one. Why should I act like them ? I am no longer one of them so why be like them ? I make my own decisions on how I act or react around other people and the Borg has absolutely no control over me.

  • Golf

    Greetings Gumby, nah, I wouldn't waste my time trying to convince them of anything, their mind is set. At least when I pet my daughters dog his tail wags. This gives me greater pleasure. Gum-bye


  • Spectre

    Actually, there is all of about 2 people that I would even want to talk to that are still witnesses, and they will still talk to me when I see them.

  • ozziepost

    I s'pose it should be asked, do you WANT to speak to anyone who's shunning you?

    Well, do you?

  • greendawn

    There is no point in talking to persons that are under the influence of a satanic cultic organisation and carry upon their foreheads the seal of satan. However if they want to speak I can tell them why their org guarantees problems for them rather than any salvation.

  • Kaput

    I s'pose it should be asked, do you WANT to speak to anyone who's shunning you?

    Well, do you?

    I always look for an opportunity to "witness" to those without the truth.

  • luna2

    About six months ago, when I'd only been on the board here a short while, I thought I got shunned by this "brother" who regularly came into the store where I work. Even though I no longer felt that JW's have anything resembling the truth and couldn't possibly be God's "organization", I felt horrible. I kind of avoided the guy for several weeks after that so I wouldn't have to experience the shun.

    As it turned out, he wasn't shunning me, he was just being rude. LOL Anyhow, that whole episode, as well as several discussions on the board here, made me realize that avoiding these people or catering to their shunning tactics is not how I want to behave. I've decided that I'll treat the dubs, whether I'm on the shunned list or not, just like I'd treat anybody who I recognize on the street; I'll smile and say hello. I will not cross the street. I will not hide behind a tree or cower behind a bush. I will not pretend I didn't see them. What they choose to do in response to me will have to be their decision. Let the onus be on them to look away or stare through me like I'm invisible. I'm not going to give such a nasty, childish and unloving policy validity by acknowledging it.

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