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  • DigitalFokus

    America Besieged -- Michael Parenti (its in the bathroom)
    Mortal Prey -- John Sandford (for at work reading)
    1995 to 2000 Camero/Firebird Maintance Manuel
    Linux Power Tools
    Assaulting Jdubs for Dummies -- unknown


    The FarSide collection -- Gary Larson (damn those cartoons are funny)

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes
    Neverwhere by Niel Gaiman

    A fantastic read, a real 'hard to put down' kind of book.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    In the past month I have read ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF IVAN DENISOVICH by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, King Lear by Shakespeare, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, The Trial by of all people Franz Kafka (one of the better books I've read lately), The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison (icky), and I'm about halfway through book six in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Books that I'm in the middle of and hope to return to by summer include Mobi Dick, and a two volume biography on the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

  • cyd0099

    Mark H;

    It was a quicker read than most of my recent books.

    I'm staring at Your Vigor for Life Appalls Me, a book of Robert Crumb's letters 1958-1977. I want to read it but I am not in the right mental place for it right now.

    I might open up An Underground Education by Richard Zacks because it's short pieces on a variety of subjects.

  • jojochan

    Diary by Chuck Palanuick, Dantes Inferno, Just got finished reading incest by Marque de sade.

    I read so many other books.


  • jojochan

    OH yeah, I read all of Sin City.

    Can't you!


  • theinfamousone

    you had me until you said u were reading an oprah book.... god i hate that woman!!! but then again, wheni finish my book, i am going to send it to her... she will publish it and make her viewers read it, so i wont hate her so much then....

    i am currently reading

    to be honest i have like 17 books on the go... and i dont remember the titles of any of them except herzog... good book

    the infamous one

  • james_woods

    Tales of the Land and the Sea - Joseph Conrad

    Journey into Fear - Eric Ambler

    Thrilling Cities - Ian Fleming

  • Calliope

    thanks for the insight. as a result i have a list of books to attack once i rotate through the current 4.

    the following are books i have retained from your comments:

    Diary by Chuck Palahniuck (title sounds interesting, and Fight Club was on my top 20 list, but the review i read stated "it's starting to feel like Chuck Palahniuk is trying too hard.")

    Your Vigor for Life Appalls Me, a book of Robert Crumb's letters 1958-1977 (that's how i feel most days... sounds like a good read)

    Tobacco by Iain Gately (that's all you have to say)

    Moby Dick (i have yet to read this one)

    A tale of two cities (that reminded me of not having read this one either)

    thanks everyone,


  • theinfamousone

    you know, im not a fan of a tale of two cities or of moby dick... i found moby dick to be one of the worst reads ever... i kinda like those brain rot books too, theyre fun if you dont feel like watching tv, but u also need no mental stimulation... you can read anything by dan brown, its just like watching tv.... ha ha

    the infamous one

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