JW's & theU.N.

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  • Legolas

    They were not only involved with the UN...Did you know they have shares in a company that makes engines for war crafts and shares in a company that make cigarettes?

  • Atlantis
  • Atlantis

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  • AuldSoul


    It is what led me to DA, I know the issue backwards and forwards. This is the letter I got in response to one I sent trying to find out about this issue:

    This is the letter I sent in response:

    They sent their next reply to my BOE, not to me. I was not allowed to have a copy of that letter. No one on my BOE was able to use the Bible to begin to justify this relationship, the best they could come up with is "wait on Jehovah," which would only make sense if it actually is God's organization, which it can't be if it is hypocritical.

    This is the letter I later sent the local Body of Elders that they deemed to be a DA letter:


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