Bad stuff you did in school

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  • unclebruce
    You lot had much more fun than me. I used to get beaten up for being a dub

    Hey .. I used to beat people up for not being a dub! .. not really..but when push came to shove (or fist come to pool cue) I was taught how to defend myself with a attitude bordering on zealotry .. turned the tables like jesus on a bad hair day

    interesting to post a self-defense thread. When I was young I was very firmly told that we JW's put up with persecution 'for the lords sake ' but we weren't pacifists - if it was personal it behooved a brother to be prepared and trained in self defense.

    unc who only came here to try this smiley: #@%"n bugga! - sorry guys

  • Leolaia

    Oh wait....I forgot about the last day of school in eighth grade. I didn't do anything myself that was "naughty" but the school administration gave us a nice assembly to thank us for being the most well-behaved class in their history and gave us all cake and punch in the cafetorium. Somehow a fight started on the stage (where I was, btw), while we were waiting for the assembly to start, and it turned into a big food fight with the whole 8th grade class, with cake flying everywhere.... and then suddenly everyone split like bats out of hell off the school grounds....It was as if we were running to escape from a volcano or something. Hundreds of kids running down the streets... This was the last time I would ever see someone I had a huge crush on, and so I ran with the crowd downhill, trying to keep up.... but while this chaos was going on, some kid threw a wad of gum into my hair and, embarrassed, I tried to rip it out while running and I tore out a whole bunch of hair, giving me a bald spot (had a perm that summer to cover it up)...but I lost track of my "crush" and never saw him ever ever again....

    That was one of the most exhilirating moments of my life tho....

  • Nosferatu
    You lot had much more fun than me. I used to get beaten up for being a dub

    I did too, before I changed high schools. When I went to my new school, I vowed to leave the JW shit behind in my old school. After I transferred, I became one of the cool kids who set the floor on fire with rubbing alcohol :D

    Speaking of fire, one guy in my electronics class accidently set the special kid's hair on fire.

  • Super_Becka

    Ooo, I'm pathetic. I've never done anything bad in school. I didn't/don't skip class, never tried drugs or anything, never messed with school property or other students' property, never wrote dirty things in the washroom stalls, nothing, I'm completely clean. What can I say, I've always been a goody-goody.

    -Becka :)

  • GoingGoingGone

    I never did anything wrong.... Until my senior year of high school, when I started secretly dating the bad-boy JW in our hall. He would take off work early and meet me in the school parking lot and we would make out until he had to go back to work...

    Got my first kiss in the parking lot of that high school. Ah, the memories......


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