Bad stuff you did in school

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  • purplesofa

    Me and two friends of mine..........sold packs of cigarettes every morning at the smoking hole.(designated place to smoke) I think they stole cartons and we sold them for 50 cents a pack. We got in big trouble for selling on the campus.

    In highschool in one of my classes we were seating in alphabetical orther.......this guy and I were friends........and we sat .......him in front and me behind him..........Well, we talked so much she moved him to the Z.s.........since he was a B and I was a C, he was on the other side of the room. We learned sign language so we could still we got in trouble for that.

    I had and algebra class that was split......30mins class, break for lunch, back for 30mins......this class, most of us were close friends.....and most of us got stoned at lunch........The second half of class we gave the teacher hell. The worst we did though, was one girl was really high, and did this impression of an egg frying.........She got down on the floor and squatted down hugging her knees.....then laid down flat on the floor on her back..........then flipped over on her stomach, like turning over a fried egg. ......We were taking a test and I will never forget cracking up watching her do that in front of all of us.

    We were disruptive and tons of fun.

  • jonsey

    3 words...puff puff pass...LOL

  • Forscher

    GreenDawn wrote

    I used to furtively open other kids sandwiches and put a lot of pepper in them to burn their mouths when they ate them.

    Damn GreenDawn, where you when I went to highschool? I like my food hot!
    I was the settled one in my family at school. I had my fun at night when I stayed out at night. My brother, on the on the other hand, was a real live wire. One time he took a home-made smoke-stink bomb and set it off right in front of the air intake to the air-conditioning unit of the principle's office. He was rolling on the ground laughing about it when the principle came out mad as a bull. He'll still tell you to this day that the whipping was worth it! Try that now, and it is off to prison you go!

  • Nosferatu

    Okay, I gotta share some more. I was taking electronics shop class. This is where I did the most bad stuff. Me and a buddy were told to go organize the "parts cart". It was a bunch of those little storage drawers on a cart. The teacher gave us two full coffee cans of parts to organize and put away. So, me and my buddy are sitting there, trying to put these "microchips" away. All the drawers were labeled, but very, very disorganized. Nothing was in numerical order, and it was very difficult to find the right places to put parts. We were sitting there, getting pissed off, when I came up with a brilliant idea...

    Buddy: this sucks

    Me: Yeah. Hey I got a great idea

    Buddy: What?

    Me: You see this part?

    Buddy: Yeah

    Me: It goes in this drawer (opens random drawer and puts part in). You see this part? It goes in this drawer (again, random drawer)

    Buddy: Hey! That's a good idea!

    We were done putting all the chips away in about ten minutes. Six months later, the teacher goes to get a part, and discovers that they're all mixed up. "You know guys, EVERYONE is going to have a turn organizing that thing!" We never did it again.

  • slugga

    You lot had much more fun than me. I used to get beaten up for being a dub

  • Calliope

    i stole money. (i.e.buying lunch and when the cash register would open, say "what's that over there?" and then i'd have money to purchase my epicurean delightful high school cafeteria food).
    i was a also pathological liar. (i.e. to the male teacher "i have my period and my cramps are really really bad, can i go lie down in the nurse's office?", and i got hang outside and smoke instead)

    but then again, i was an honour student, so hey.


  • Oroborus21

    A group of us got swats (with a paddle) in 7th grade for having a spit-wad fight during a film in class. I also got swats in 3rd grade but for the life of me I can't remember why?


  • whyamihere

    I did many bad things! Brooke

  • Leolaia

    I was very good in school. But I had some more naughty friends. One of them was in French class and sat in the very back and flicked his lighter to entertain himself and when he thought the teacher was looking he dropped it behind him but forget there was a flame going and accidentally set fire to the cahiers stacked behind him. I'm sure it was a tiny momentary fire, but it was the stuff of legend at my school....

  • ferret

    Broke twelve windows in one year. I hold the record for that school.

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