Grandpa turned in to police by JW elders

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  • calico
    He stated that he had been punished enough being deprived of his congregation benefits and friends.

    Selfish SOB! What about his grandaughters? Their pain will never go away and the rest of their lives are deeply affected and he is worried about congregation privleges?

  • InquiryMan

    the abovemention article was published in the most widespread newspaper of Norway today. On the question of a newspaper link, I’ve just translated an article that was published on a court case last year, in the "Aftenposten" newspaper, (a newspaper like New York Times). Family Christmas of Last Year on the Canary Islands: 41 year old woman in bed with 15 year old step PER ANNAR HOLM Even though the two have continued their sexual relationship after the stepmother got separated from the boys father last spring, the women herself turned herselv into the police.. Now she has been convicted for the sexual relations with her underage stepchild. He did not want the woman to be charged and punished. Shunned The Court found that the woman being shunned by her Jehovah’s witness congregation after the case became known, was an extenuating circumstance. The woman told in court that her marriage deteriorated just after a few months and she never reached to attain a real mother-son-relationship the the plaintiff. After the separation the now 42 year old woman resumed the relationship to the boy after a mutual wish (my comment: it was now legal, since he had become 16 years and no longer under age). It has not been disclosed that the boy affair has had any detrimental effects by the affair.. Voluntary action Even though the woman admitted to be the most active party the night following 26. December by going to the boys bed, they had previously touched one another on several occasions. The court do not label the encroachment abusive, since plaintiff voluntarily took part in the sexual relations. However, the judge writes in her judgement: This do not hid the fact that the relationship has an abusive element when the age factor is taken into consideration (her being 40 yrs old, the boy being 15) and in addition she did have a parental role towards the boy. Very peculiar case Thus court case is peculiar indeed, and the court has not found any cases similar to it. The court remarks that the court case most probably had not been a legal case unless the accused herself had brought the matter to the police. Den unemployed mother of one child was mainly concerned to get a suspended sentence og achieved this by confessing and relating everything openl to the court. She got a five month suspended imprisonment (she did not have go to jail, but of course get this on her record). She had to pay the fine of en equivalent of 1500 dollars. She immediately accepted the verdict..

  • InquiryMan

    Sorry about some typos, I should have proof-read it better. I did write it with paragraphs and captions in word, but when I insert it int reply it disappears... and I forgot to re-edit it...

  • greendawn

    So justice in Scandinavia is very lenient in the UK you might get just a few months if you go with a girl that is 6 or 12 months under the age of consent ie if she's between 15 and 16, unless her parents agree with the relationship going on. But under 13 yo things are serious.

  • InquiryMan

    When I stated that the silent lambs might have had some sort of influence, this is of course just indirectly. Just after I stepped down from being an elder, new directions were given to the elders, emphasizing the need to report such matters to the police. This was before any TV programmes had been show on television. However, several news reports have been published throught the years where Jws have been involved in abuse of children. However, in later years, Society spokeman has emphasized the need to report to the police and co-operate, whereas in the past it was often reported in the news that such cases had been kept silent within the congregation. Personally, I was never informed of any such cases when being an elder. Fortunately. What I do know, is that when such cases where discussed among witnesses, most stated they would report it to the police right away.

  • skeeter1

    You see, we can make a change for the better!

  • skyman

    Proven molester stone him I say stone him. I'll throw the first stone.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Don't blame Grandpa, I would think he was reading that he should do his evil in the ASLEEP magazine. They did a four page spread on it, I would think

  • jadedgramma

    inquiryman-are you in the USA? May I ask what year you were no longer an elder? My daughters were both molested by members of the congregation-one by her paternal gr.father and for years by afriend of the family's-another JW. I ignored my husband's pleas not to take legal action and turned him and he was charged and convicted of 2nd degree criminal sexual assault. His sentence? 7 years in prison. What he actually did? 7 days in the county jail. He turned himself in to the police and it made things easier for him. He also molested 2 of my daughters friends-also in the cong.....get this-while out in service! Anyway-the other *&&$$(**** that molested her for years (unknown by us except for one minor incident) and she was one of 10 young girls including his fleshly sisters who went to the elders with the same stories and worse. They were ALL told not to go to the police and forbidden to discuss this matter with anyone-and followed this with the standard threat of DF'ing if they spread this "slander" as the ***%$### denied everything....they must have "misunderstood" his actions-even the violent raping of his own sister for at least a year and the abuse of 2 of her other fleshly sisters. This has been consistently the pattern in the 19 years my family has been in this congregation. Because the very public lawsuit my daughter was involved in we received hundreds of emails and calls from others whose experience was almost identical in that the elders responded the same way-no action, strongly urged not to report anything to the authorities and-the gag rule. Don't know if the cases where the offender admits to his crimes differs from our experience. Haven't heard of anyone who was encouraged to "report". Just our experience.

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