Women be silent!!

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    collegegirl>>>>(((((((HUG))))) Me too

  • insearchoftruth

    This is a great thread. Am a relatively new member of the site and you all have helped me immensely already. The mindset of a woman in the jw amazes me. My wife's family has been jw for 23 years and she has recently started (from what I understand) another bible study, she calls herself a new age woman, but still is able to read and listen to the wt and other bs literature from the society with respect to a womans place in the church (and for that matter in society). I just hope that she continues to read and explore literature outside of the crap printed by the brooklynites and at least see stuff from multiple perspectives and I wish there was some way I could get her to read the information on this thread. The 'diet' she is taking right now from the sister and what does the bible really teach to me is tantamount to hypnotizing.

    Thanks again for all of you, you have given me much food (good!!) for thought and keep challenging my mind.

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