Anyone like Poetry?

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  • Lostreality

    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    A stain on the table evaporates.
    It was his blood.
    Red, red, pink, white, gone.
    It drips again, off the top of his lip.
    He can\'t see it, but he can taste it.
    His eyes on his thoughts, emotions, lack of.

    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    A faint smell of blood fills the air.
    An errie sub-conscience aura of pain.
    It fills the room.
    One table, dyed red over time.
    He sits now
    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    A small chuckle escapes his clinched jaw.
    It grows louder, as a tear trickles down his cheek.
    It started as a bruise
    A cut
    A gash
    A hole
    Empty, but still bleeding

    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    A chuckle, a laugh.
    His eye twitches as sweat beads.
    a single drop of blood meets his brow
    It trickles into his bloodshot eye
    Everything stops.
    \"Fuck!\" he screams.
    he slams his head into the table again

    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    He sees the blood now.
    He can feel the color.
    His face numbs as his disease drips to the floor
    in thick red droplets
    The table is gone, he collapses to the floor as the room spins.
    The chair is gone
    Everything is gone.

    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    White is everywhere, neverending.
    He lay on the floor weaping.
    His own blood pooled around his half dead body.
    He lay on the floor weaping
    The cold ground will soon freeze his skin.
    He just doesnt know it.

    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    A soft \"I\'m sorry\" escapes his parched lips.
    The last of his sanity flows out of him, and surrounds his body.
    Blurring his eyes, focused, unfocused.
    2:46 AM
    He drinks the half empty glass of water.
    And returns to sleep.
    Black, Black, Red, White, Gone.

  • DIY2008

    That is a very good and a very poem. I totally loved it! But it was sad. The way you wrote it rocked though

    Here is another of mine, it remains untitled:

    Time corrupts man, corrupts me

    Once thought good but now is no more

    I hope, I pray that time can stop, that all can remain the same, just for a second

    But it is not possible

    Everything changes in a nonstop motion the way it was made to do



    You change as you do so

    So even breath corrupts man, corrupts me

    I guess I am stuck like this, ever-changing

    Happy, Sad, until the day time stops and I pause to remain

    I'm so sorry that i'm skipping so many spaces...can't stop it. (pssst...can someone tell me how ). Hope you all enjoy the poem. Please keep posting them.

  • prophecor

    So delicate the balance 'tween misery & majesty

    Genious & Insanity

    So fine the line so frail the cord

    As would be any two edged sword

    My best defense was innocence

    When once was I so cavalier

    What once was me

    Like liquid


    When all I'd do was run and play

    Tomorrow just another day

    Never a need to look beyond

    Five minutes more

    Time too


    Forever never need be found

    The moment now

    Suffice somehow

  • ohiocowboy

    A bright sunny day,

    Albeit not for long.

    Pillows of fluff hover in the sky,

    A tinge of white,

    With grey defined.

    Amidst a patch of snow or rain,

    The sun shines through,

    Making a gloomy day

    Bright once again...

  • DIY2008

    Great poems!

  • Lostreality


    i really liked that last poem..the emotion is very telling

  • DIY2008

    Thankies. All it did was come to me, I wrote it in a miniute.

    This one is entitled 'Lies'

    How many lies does it take to make the truth?

    Every word you utter from your mouth is a lie

    But I beleive them all

    Love can do that to you, make you beleive the untrue

    'Impossible' is the word that runs through your head

    As the chains of a lie wear you down and makes it harder,

    Harder not to believe the person, Harder to be away, Harder to be yourself

    No lies can make the truth

    A thousand lies, a million

    A like can make you love somebody, a lie can make you hate somebody

    It can make you kill somebody or kill somebody you love

    Lies cause little children to cry and scream trying not to conceive of such things

    Lies, lies cause all of it

    Every horrible thing on this planet

    But yet we believe, I believe

    No lies can make the truth, If only it were true

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