Anyone like Poetry?

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  • Frenchy

    Hey that's some powerful stuff! Thanks, Claudia

    Has anyone here besides myself ever written anything? Come on now, this is the place to show it off. A song, a poem, a short story? Come on, let's see it.

    BTW, has anyone here read Milton's 'Paradise Lost'?

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  • Frenchy

    Okay all you shy ones! I know somebody out there has written something! GIVE IT UP! LOL, let's see what you've done. Come on, when was the last time somebody actually asked you to see something you've written?

    Okay, so you've never written anything, so WRITE SOMETHING NOW AND SEND IT!
    .....I'll be waiting.....

  • Ben

    To SevenOfNine:
    Death's Chill Between

    Chide not: let me breathe a little,
    For I shall not mourn him long;
    Though the life-cord was so brittle,
    The love-cord was very strong.
    I would wake a little space
    Till I find a sleeping-place.

    You can go, - I shall not weep;
    You can go unto your rest.
    My heart-ache is all too deep,
    And too sore my throbbing breast.
    Can sobs be, or angry tears,
    Where are neither hopes nor fears?

    Though with you I am alone
    And must be so everywhere,
    I will make no useless moan,
    None shall say, "She could not bear":
    While life lasts I shall be strong,
    But I shall not struggle long.

    Listen, listen! - Everywhere
    A low voice is calling me,
    And a step is on the stair,
    And one comes you do not see.
    Listen, listen! - Evermore
    A dim hand knocks at the door.

    Hear me! He is come again,
    My own dearest is come back.
    Bring him in from the cold rain
    Bring wine, and let nothing lack.
    Thou and I will rest together,
    Love, until the sunny weather.

    I will shelter thee from harm,
    Hide thee from all heaviness.
    Come to me, and keep me warm
    By my side in quietness.
    I will lull thee to thy sleep
    With sweet songs: - we will not weep.

    Who hath talked of weeping? - Yet
    There is something at my heart
    Gnawing, I would fain forget,
    And an aching and a smart.
    Ah! my mother, 'tis in vain,
    For he is not come again.

    ...Christina Rosetti

  • Seven

    Ben, I am in awe of Christina's work. I always wished I could write like that. I have a bad case of the flu and will respond later. It's back to bed for me. :( I am also a big Poe fan.

    See you later,

  • AhHah


    I really liked the poem "Remember" by C. Rossetti!

    And, Frenchy, I really liked your poem on this post, too.

    I haven't had much opportunity to converse with anyone else who likes poetry. I am sort of speechless -- which is rare for me.

    BTW I have always been into music and I am a huge Floyd and Doors fan, just about all blues artists, Zeppelin, Hendrix and many new artists as well ...

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  • mouthy

    Ex Witness Lament
    I look upon my life today
    And wish that I had known
    There was an easier way
    For my children I could have shown
    Instead of hours of rushing out
    To meetings "Doors" & Halls"
    To distant towns & cities too!
    Waiting for advice from the Watchtower crew
    There was just one,s who voice to hear
    Who said"Be still my friend"
    My yoke is light, your in my sight
    no need to rush around each night
    In freezing rain,in sleet & heat.
    Expressing you have comly feet.
    Many of you work in pain
    A need THEY SAY your life to gain."
    He paid the price for you & I
    Why listen to that other LIE ?
    So lift that yoke,put on the cloak,
    Salvations HIS to give.
    Lets watch our way,keep in this day
    His light will shine our path alway

  • DIY2008

    Before I started studying to be a Witness I wrote this one. It was published.


    It's gone

    Over with

    Seized to a whisper

    What's left is now a pile of rubble left from those two buildings

    "Click, Click" "Click, Click"

    Went all the staple guns

    As people posted missing signs

    All over

    All over

    Still nothing and a whole lot more nothing

    As they searched the pile of rubble for some more life

    Ive wrote many more but I have to find them.

  • Cicatrix
  • codeblue


    I have a bookful of poetry I have wrote and at least 50 songs...I can't post them because I am fading.............


  • Cicatrix


    You wrote a very moving poem-one of those that makes you stop for a moment and think deeply. Remember right down to the marrow.I like how you used something which is generally seen as so mundane, the humble staple gun, and it's "click click click" to make your point.And "seized to a whisper"is such an awesome line.

    Thanks for sharing.

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