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  • stillAwitness
    He resently finished with me because he wants to become baptized! I should be mad really, but i have 2 say that the reasent signs in the world like the consistant earthquakes ect have really opened my eyes as 2 whether or not jw teachings may be true!


    What a scumbag! So he basically just dropped you as if his time with you was up? Honey, honey, honey I am sure you know you deserve better treatment than that.

    Anyone know of an article that has been circulating that proves the WT's teaching on earthquakes being a sign of the end is babble??Tasha I will find it for you. Earthquakes, big and small have been constant for ages now.

  • prophecor

    You can't possibly be serious. Right?

  • Earnest


    Earnest (18 February) : [Professor Jackson] made the point that although the earth's crust is still behaving as it did in the past, the number of earthquakes causing the deaths of 10,000 or more people has increased dramatically this century. And we should expect this trend to continue with deaths of a million or more from a single earthquake in the near future.

    Just when I thought I'd got away with that comment.

    LittleToe (5 March) : Perchance because the world's population has grown exponentially and cities tend to be bigger, so that when they do take life it's on a grander scale??

    That is obviously true but is not the whole story. Not only has the world's population increased dramatically in the 20th century, but earthquakes have taken a larger toll because in many cases cities have been built just where the crust is weakest. Why? Because the shifting of the crust in the past has created changes in the water table, raising the water closer to the surface. You cannot have a large population without water and so cities have been built in earthquake zones despite the risk.

    Nevertheless, the figures quoted by James Jackson were impressive. In the last thousand years earthquakes causing 10,000 or more deaths occurred around 1 year in 20 from 1000-1600, around 1 year in 5 from 1600-1900, around 1 year in 3 in the twentieth century, and so far this century just about 1 year in 1. Here is a summary of his talk if you are interested.


  • LittleToe

    But the real question isn't so much about death tolls as whether or not they have genuinely increased. The answer to that appears to be a resounding "no".

    There was alleged to have temporarily been some increased activity around Jerusalem in the first century, though

  • Frog

    you know, I've always though that 'Jehovah's Witness Discussion Forum' was an odd name to choose for an ex-dub site, however it's times like this when it all makes sense! a blessing in disguise, you're stumbling on this site has done you a huge favour if you let it, if you're willing to accept the advice of hundreds who've been where you are :)

    Sounds to me what you really need to be doing is getting over the from your ex-boyfriend, not trying to replace him with a duplicate copy. There are some 6billion people in the world, only something like 20m of those are JW's, divide that by 2 & you've got the number of males, take out 2/3 for too young or too old & you're seriously restricting yourself when it comes to finding a decent match.

    Here's a better suggestion for ya...

  • Frog
    But the real question isn't so much about death tolls as whether or not they have genuinely increased. The answer to that appears to be a resounding "no".

    ...i'm no dub apologist, but I thought the question wasn't so much about whether the numbers of earthquakes have increased, or the death toll from them, but that there would be more reports of such things as wars & earthquakes? we do here more reports of wars/earthquakes etc due to greater spacial interaction, and on account of greater population concentrations...???

  • diamondblue1974
    I really think it has messd my ex boyfriends head up so much, hes very paranoid, he gets wound up easily, he finds it hard to express his feeling, he finds it hard to make friends, he was insecure, very unsure about what he wanted to do in life (because the next life was more important) and he always thought (that i found very strange) that the government was always against him!! And he could also brush people off his without considering their feelings!

    Do these things ring a bell with anyone else who is seeing or married to a jw?

    Tasha, we have all been there; we have all experienced similar things and in all honesty do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who is so repressed emotionally (and no doubt sexually)?

    Initially the doom and gloom seems to back up their claims but this is what they want you to see as opposed to other rational reasons for such calamities. I note you are 19 years old and as much as I hate saying this (because it makes me feel old) you are young and you have your whole life ahead of you....if you are questioning which is the true religion then this is a noble quest but dont look at one source for your information.

    I dont know what your plans are educationally but you will be expected to put them aside should you decide to become a JW; you sounds intelligent...dont be sucked in by their simplicity and basic explanations for extremely complex matters.


  • unclebruce
    but i have 2 say that the reasent signs in the world like the consistant earthquakes ect have really opened my eyes as 2 whether or not jw teachings may be true!


    I have enjoyed hearing your viewpoint tashy,

    I don't know what school you went to but sinse I left school the 'tectonic plate theory' of crust displacement has been proven to be true. The continents are floating on molten lava like giant plates floating on molasses. In fact the continental 'plates' are slowly drifting about the globe (yes, the earth is round like a melon). Sometimes the landmass has a tiny vibration which we call an earthquake. Even though these vibrations are minuscule and insignificant they seem big to us because even weight lifters and basketballers are really very very small and our houses are flimsy and delicate.

    These earthquakes have been going on for a very long time .. further back than most of us old people can remember. In fact if there were no earth quakes it would be a cause for much concern. So the next time you feel the earth move, smile and be happy.

    I must go to bed now, bye bye sweety,

    unclebruce who feels like he read himself a bedtime story

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    Are you serious?Run baby run.

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