WT Secret Document admits that only Elders and MS's are Ordained

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  • Elsewhere

    The Watchtower Society likes to tell its members that ALL JWs are Ordained Ministers, but in reality only Elders and Ministerial Servants can obtain a Certificate of Ordained Minister from the Watchtower Society. Even then one must specifically state the reason the certificate is needed. Bottom line, the Watchtower Society makes it very difficult for any JW to receive such a certificate.

    Branch Organization Manual

    p. 4-1, paragraph 5


    Currently appointed elders or ministerial servants in need of a certificate verifying their ordination may request one from the branch. When requesting a certificate, the individual will specifically state the reason the certificate is needed. Often a letter signed by the elders or the presiding overseer of the congregation will suffice to verify one's ordination. If a Certificate of Ordained Minister is sent by the branch, it should be signed by the Branch Committee coordinator or someone else having authority to do so. It may be notarized if advisable. If it is necessary to specify the date of ordination, then show the date of baptism.

  • Elsewhere

    I recently obtained this TOP SECRET document from a high-level source within the Watchtower Society. Don't bother asking WHO I got it from... in order to protect the source I cannot even tell you which country this person is in. Bottom line, when the GB finds out this was leaked they are going to sht their Depends!

    I need your help! I've scanned through this document and found a few little "jewels" but I need YOUR help! Please download a copy and start searching and posting what you find.

    Thanks in advance to everyone who helps!

  • IP_SEC

    Branch Organization Manual

    The first few paragraphs are already very interesting!!

  • Elsewhere

    Everytime a Circuit or District Overseer visits a congregation they ask the congregation to pay for all of their expenses. Circuit and District Overseers do not need "living expense" money from the congregation because that is already provided by the branch and Worldwide Order.

    One has to wonder how many COs and DOs are double-dipping!

    page 4-9


    Circuit and district overseers usually live in the homes of the brothers. Meals are provided and often assistance is given in connection with transportation expenses. Where expenses are not covered by the congregation, traveling brothers may request transportation expenses from the branch. The branch will also pay for hotel or other rooming accommodations and meals when necessary.

    73. The circuit and district overseers are given a monthly reimbursement by the Worldwide Order...

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Very interesting, but I think we all have to regard this as ``old light." Note the date (1977). It's the short-lived period of liberalization championed mostly by our friend Ray Franz. during which the Kingdom Ministry was renamed Kingdom Service precisely because the company line at that time was that term ``minister" in the Bibilical sense applied only to the elders and ministerial servants.

  • Elsewhere

    Those in the Faithful and Discrete Slave Class ARE NOT ANNOINTED

    page 24-1

    4. Those used as writers (for the Watchtower and Awake!) must be dedicated, baptized brothers or sisters in good standing with their local congregations and who have writing ability. They should be exemplary, modest, not inclined to talk loosely to others about their writing activity. Sister may be found to be especially talented in writing articles of interest to women. However, they should not be used to prepare articles that are basically an exposition of Scripture. Whenever anyone is given an assignment to write an article for The Watchtower or Awake!, that person should be given a copy of the memorandum "Writing for Our Journals." It is not necessary that the person read the Standards Manual if that is available locally. However, the one in the branch responsible for sending in the article should be well acquainted with this publication and follow its rules when editing material submitted. This will do much to assure that articles will be usable for publication.

  • IP_SEC

    it is the revised 2003 version. *puts head back into manual*

  • Elsewhere

    The Feb 2003 revision date refers to the last major overhaul. This document was last updated with minor changes in Jan 2006. The minor changes can be identified as they are underlined.

    Bottom line... this document is the "latest and greatest".

  • shadow

    Word count of selected terms:

    Apostasy, apostate 0

    Charity, charitable 1

    Jesus 10

    Marriage 13

    Christian 17

    Media 18

    Jehovah's Witnesses 23

    Jehovah 56

    Bibl*, scriptur* 112

    Governing Body 140

    Attorney, lawyer, legal 150

    Money, cash, funds 151

  • LDH

    When I was a regular pioneer (late 80's into the 90's) EVERY baptised member of the WBTS could get one of these cards. All you needed to do was ask a service overseer.

    This is VERY interesting, good work!

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