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  • unique1

    Reading a previous thread where people mentioned the crazy people in their hall and what they would do during the meetings, I figured it needed a thread all to itself. So what did the mentally ill or generally crazy people do during your meetings?

    I don't have any good ones. Not that we didn't have our share of crazy people but they just werent' irritating during the meeting. We had one guy who would sit near the front and several seats in so the deamons couldn't get to him. There is also this one lady who sways like Axl Rose while shaking her head while she sings the melodies. I guess she memorizes the songs, because I am sure she can't read the book while getting her groove on like that.

    There was this one crazy lady that went to our hall and she rides her bicycle everywhere. We saw her one day while out in service. She was sitting on the roof of a beer package store with a bum. Now the store was only one story but we had no idea how they got up there.

  • Dune


    I have a couple of good psychos.

    • One brother who thought he was a secret agent and would take people to side and ask them if they heard from headquarters yet about the missle strike and things of that nature. (NO JOKE). He placed more magazines than anyone else in the congregation so they left him alone.

    • There was an old sister that confused an elder with the administrators in her assisted living home, he was trying to talk to her and she yelled out "NO, NOOO, I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!!!". I was in charge of putting her on the telephone line and she refused to be paired up with people who werent baptized witnesses.
    • I met this brother while out in field service. He was walking in front of his apartment complex barefoot. After telling him my name, he went on to tell me about its jewish and hebrew and greek translations and what it really meant. He lifted his shirt and showed me this sashel around his waist with his and his son's name written over and over again. The brother has been known to walk around town singing kingdom songs.
  • flag

    One girl (16 or 17 years old ) always wanted to kiss the brothers.

    One guy in the DC's always sang the songs preety loud and rise his hands up (like the ones you see at the back of the music book)

    another one was always going to the seats and started shaking hands and if his parents try to scold him he would yell at them preety hard.

  • lola28

    Okay there was this lady that was a study and one Sunday she came to the meeting ( I sat in the back room b/c I was feeling sick) one of her kids a little boy wanted to go to the front hall to comment and she said " No I don't want you to sit alone" and the kid looked like he was going to cry, so I said " if you want I willl go to the front hall with you and sit there while you give your comment".

    I should not have done that, the lady freaked out on me, she screamed at me in the back hall for about five minutes, it was really bad, she said I was trying to take her family away and called me all sorts of names, okaaaaaaay then. All this during the Watchtower study, she then grabbed the kid and walked out of the hall. I always felt bad for that poor kid, if she was like that in public I can't imagine what she was like at home.


  • unique1

    Wow Lola, Poor kid indeed.

  • lola28

    I know I have always felt really bad for him and his sisters, that woman really did need meds.

    BTW nice to meet you


  • misanthropic

    (Okay mine is not a "psycho" story) but it was pretty funny as I recall..... here was this kid who had tourettes syndrome that my ex husbands aunt used to have to take to the assemblies. One time we went with them and he cussed and swore REALLY LOUD (it echoed like crazy) everytime it would get really quiet in the auditorium. We just sat there trying not to laugh as so many people were totally offended...

    One time also when I was a teenager, a well known elders wife got up to use the restroom during the session and it was really quiet. You could hear a pin drop. She slipped a little on the floor but caught herself, but not before shouting the "S" word really loud. That was a great moment....

  • slugga
    She slipped a little on the floor but caught herself, but not before shouting the "S" word really loud.

    You mean "Shoot" ?

  • Kaput

    Heard there was an anointed sister somewhere in California who puts on a bridal gown for the memorial. Yeah, every year.

  • unique1

    Because she believes she is a member of the bride class or something???

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