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  • Mary

    Since we were never really allowed to "have goals" while we were Witnesses (other than becoming a pioneer or going to Bethel), what goals have you set for yourself now that you're free?

    I'm pursuing my BA, but I'm not sure in what field I want to major in...maybe Religious Studies! Wouldn't that be a scream??.........this is something that I would have never dreamed of 20 years ago----it was a big no-no.

  • JH

    Eat, Drink and S***.

    My goals, are quite modest. Just stay alive an happy the longest possible.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Basically my goal over the past two years has been to 'normalize' my life. I feel that I am well on the way there now.

    At my age [50] most goals tend to be less career oriented, and more personal fulfillment I guess. I think it would be good to put a list together and get busy with that. Up till now, I have just not really done that.

    Goal number one for me is to become the best citizen and person I can be in the circumstances I find myself. And to root any remaining witness 'seeds' from my personality and thinking.

    I know.... to vague.


  • Mary

    JH, what does the "S" stand for? Servant? Slave? Saturday Morning Service?

  • Finally-Free

    In spite of the constant efforts of the elders, I never allowed the cult to discourage me from pursuing my career and other goals. That's probably why they did everything possible to make my life miserable.

    But now I have much more time to devote to those goals.


  • Elsewhere

    1. To be happy
  • Dismembered

    To age peacefully, continue to travel, stay ontop of business, keep my wife happy, take care fo my children, and grandchildren and buy a new stapler, the one I'm using right now stinks


  • misanthropic

    To have a really good life and be happy, not having to look back feeling that I wasted my little time I have here doing things I didn't want to do.

  • joelbear

    1. Graduate from college. did this finally at age 45

    2. See as many national parks as possible. I've seen 22 so far.

    3. Build a good relationship with my partner. 17 years so far. He's the best.

    4. Have a successful career. soon will be 30 years in business and I've done as well as I am able to.

    5. Own my own house. Paid off our house in 2002

    Future goals

    1. Start a career as an artist by the time I am 50. www.joelbear.net

    2. See 10 European countries

    3. Retire and live in as many different places as possible

  • Effervescent

    Get an college education- Working on getting my degree in Web Programming!

    Travel- A LOT. All over the world. I'm a history nut, I want to see where it happened! Sleep in castles, explore egyptian tombs, walk on the Great Wall of China. I want to do it all!

    Build my business- I run a small online business from home doing websites and desktop publishing for a certain type of clientel (Get your minds out of the gutter... it's for Mary Kay Directors! ) . All of my business is word of mouth, and business is steadily progressing!

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