What is your theory on the series "Lost?"

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  • free2beme

    I am a big fan of this series and have a couple of theories of what I think is happening and wondered what others thought, just wanting some insight.

    One theory

    I think the people got on the plane and never actually crashed. I think they were gassed and taken to a government (possible alien) location and their minds were feed the reality they think they are experiencing. Because they are in this state, they learn that by thinking things, they can create their own reality. For example, the young boy would read about items in a comic book and they would appear (Polar Bear). The woman thought of a horse in her past, and it appeared. The doctor thought of his dead father, and he appeared. The Priest/Drug Smuggler, thought of his brother and his brothers plane was found on the island. In any case, they seem to have a dream like control of their environment and the longer they are there, the more it seems to mold to their own reality. I think the "others" is actually just a small group, but have learned to create their reality when they want and that is why their fellow others seem to appear out of no where. The reason the others took some of the people, and not others, is that some of the people were not taking to the drug correctly and had to be removed from the reality. The reason the children are taken, is their imagination is stronger and without control, could cause serious problems. I think in time the series will start to show that the castaways are actually making things happen more and more, that can not be explained by nature or others. I think in time, the others will be revealed to be military personal that were used first as an experiment and then could not escape and have been their for decades. I also think, in a short time the dead ones might start coming back for no explained reason, other then they just reappeared. Oh, and the voices in the jungle are the scientist speaking over the bodies in the unconscious state, being heard by the others in their dream state.

    Okay, next ... looking for theories

  • Funchback

    Hi free.

    No theories here, but, I am a 'Lost' fan. I am just enjoying the weekly ride.

  • freedom96

    Love the show, don't have a theory.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I only saw the first shows. But from your theory, I am betting they are dead or suffering extended near death experience. Or it's all an alien experiment. Really, maybe we are just one big alien experiment.

  • TheSilence

    My brother has an interesting theory. I don't agree with it, but I do think it's, as I said, interesting.

    My brother believes that everyone died in the plane crash and that the island is really limbo. The reason the others took the children and some of the adults is because they made it through the limbo stage and moved on. I guess that would make the others... angels? gatekeepers? something of that nature? This also explains why, as you said, their thoughts seem to create some of their reality... they have to work out their past to move on.

    I like the concept, but it's too simple in my mind. It doesn't explain all the Dharma connections. Why people see this 'creature' made of black smoke. Why the psychic made sure Claire would be on a plane that ensured she had to raise her own child. The coincidental connections between the characters before the plane ride... Hurley owning a box company... Locke working for a box company... Sawyer meeting Jack's dad in a bar... Hurley having that comic about the polar bear, Michael giving his son a stuffed polar bear in his goodbye to him when he signed away his rights, and a polar bear showing up on the island. And as for Walt making the polar bear appear... also remember that he did 'wierd' things before the plane crash, too... the bird that flew into the window, etc. I think there has to be more to it than the simple explanation of being in limbo.


  • theinfamousone

    yeah ive heard the purgatory thing as well, but the writers have said that that is not it!!!

    i think they crashed on an island, and theres fucked up things happening.. no sub plot... lol, that room thingy, the hatch, well there was a war on the island... the others are the only survivors... or maybe they found atlantis... ha ha

    the infamous one (who loved it when boone said "of course hes one of the others... i guess it all depends on your perspective")

  • Oroborus21

    nice theory. I think it is far too good to be the real explanation (if there is one). Unfortunately the big truth when it is revealed will probably turn out to be far less elegant and disappointing (like the Matrix series which progressed from the sublime to the banal in only three installments).

    I thought maybe the limbo theory was a possibility the first season but when they introduced the hatch and french woman and all that other story line - it went out the window.

    not enough data to form any good theories right now...still suspending disbelief (even though it seems impossible that there is one inch of planet earth that hasn't been discovered or photographed by satellite) (and along those lines, it points to a cover-up plot, the secret location that either some government, multi-government or private entity has worked hard to keep secret).

    still a fan of the show but when they killed off the hottest woman that was a big blow.


  • Scully

    Maybe they all got beamed aboard the Enterprise and are stuck in a program on the holodeck.

  • slugga

    It started off good but by the end of season 1 it was dragging out a bit. It was only meant to last 10 episodes but the writers had to stretch it because powers that be wanted it to run for a few seasons.

    I hope its not going to drag on like the X-files, a slow lingering death, loosing viewers constantly until it dies a quiet death when no ones watching.

  • diamondblue1974

    Eagerly awaiting series two to come over to the UK; really enjoyed the first series although I do have a slight theory.

    They are all actually dead - they shouldve died given the extent of the plane crash and perhaps they are in a form of purgatory!

    Its a theory...cant wait to find out!


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